he wakes up his wife and their child, they leave the house, their whole roof was already on fire!

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, around midnight, the firefighters of Marcinelle under the orders of Lieutenant Housse, Warrant Officer André and Sergeant Baudoux, intervened rue des Chanterelles in Goutroux.

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When the fire broke out, the father was luckily still awake.

A terrible fire broke out in Goutroux. – FVH

Firefighters, police, paramedics intervened.
Firefighters, police, paramedics intervened. – FVH

A burning smell!

The Goutroussien then goes upstairs. This is where he hears a strange crackling coming from the attic or the chimney, we are told, and smells a burning smell… The local resident wakes up his wife directly, who takes their child. All three come out of the house, the flames had already reached the roof…

A large relief effort has been dispatched to the scene. When firefighters arrived, the fire had grown. The fire men attacked the fire from the inside but also from the outside with a large ladder. They also entered the neighboring house to avoid the risk of spread. After a quarter of an hour, the firefighters brought the fire under control, the risks of propagation were ruled out.

The flames were very impressive.
The flames were very impressive. – FVH


Collected by the neighborhood

The Charleroi police zone was dispatched to the scene to establish a security perimeter. An ambulance from the R-Médic company descended on the spot. ORES departments also intervened.

As for the affected family, they were taken in by neighbors. She will have to be relocated.

The roof was already on fire when the family came out.
The roof was already on fire when the family came out. – FVH

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