He warns of extermination if it is completed.. The owner of the discovery of the Renaissance Dam’s landing explodes surprises

revealed A recent scientific study in which Egyptian and American experts participatedAmong them, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, the Egyptian Minister of Irrigation, and experts from American and Egyptian universities and international bodies, the presence of a land subsidence at the site of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and many scenes and photos that reveal a serious breach of the dam’s safety factors and confirm that it is not completely safe.

وحللت Study 109 photos and scenes From December 2016 to July 2021, using radar technology, all of which indicate displacement factors and movement of different directions in different sections of the concrete dam, which is the main, as well as the “auxiliary” dam, which portends a great danger.

According to the study, “The analysis of the data at the dam site clearly reveals an inconsistent subsidence at the outskirts of the main dam, especially the western side, where varying displacements ranging from 10 mm to 90 mm at the top of the dam were recorded,” explaining that the filling of the dam was taking place quickly and without delay. A study or analysis of data, which affects the body of the dam technically, and hydrologically affects the Blue Nile Basin. It also revealed that there is unequal vertical displacement in different sectors of the main and auxiliary dams.

The study indicated that There are very excessive flows on the eastern and western sides of the Renaissance DamWhich is uneven and inconsistent, which is what the experts who conducted the study believe is behind Ethiopia’s suspension of the second filling and contentment with what was stored, and it amounts to 5 billion and 3 billion in the second filling.

In an interview with “Al-Arabiya.net” and “Al-Hadath.net”, Dr. Hisham Al-Askari, professor of remote sensing and Earth systems sciences at the University of Champagne in America and head of the research team that conducted the study, reveals that the study was based on the idea of ​​​​the safety of the dam that the downstream countries, namely Egypt and Sudan, requested. From the Ethiopian authorities to provide them with it, and they were faced with an Ethiopian blackout and neglect. It was also inquired about what the storage process is, how it is conducted, and what studies have been conducted on the safety of the dam in the event that the water reaches the amount announced by Ethiopia, especially since such a quantity and in the absence of Dealing with it in complete safety, as it represents an existential threat to the states of Egypt and Sudan.

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He revealed that in view of this and the danger that the dam represents, as well as the presence of a blackout and silence on the part of Ethiopia, it was necessary to monitor everything related to the safety of the dam. Therefore, satellite images and remote sensing techniques were used to study the possibility of detecting a defect in the dam’s body, He added that the study relied on the use of radar beams that are directed from the radar satellite to the target object for study, and back again to the moon and analyze its data and information.

He said that the radar images revealed to the team of experts soil movements in the vicinity of the Renaissance Dam and what is happening in the concrete dam and the dam, noting that the concrete dam alone will not absorb water quantities of more than 18 billion cubic meters, while Ethiopia planned to store the remaining amount in a lake next to the dam. The cumulus is 6 km long, to reach a storage capacity of 74 km.

He added that Ethiopia, at the beginning of the second filling, announced in official letters to Egypt and Sudan that it would store more than 13 billion cubic meters, and this did not happen, which raised doubts about the reason for stopping the second filling, and it was necessary to know the reason and the secret that Ethiopia is hiding and we, as researchers, had to Find it and find out what problem has occurred and is hidden by Addis Ababa.

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He revealed that the research team did not monitor what is happening on the central side of the concrete side due to the lack of construction, but it was necessary to monitor what is happening in the sides that were built years ago, adding that the radar rays revealed the presence of vertical displacements on the eastern and western sides of the dam since the year 2016, as it revealed at the start of the first filling phase heterogeneous and incompatible vertical displacements, uneven subsidence on both sides, as well as subsidence on one side to a greater degree than on the other, and struggle on one side at the expense of another, stressing that this needs an explanation by the authorities Ethiopian and its officials must answer a question.”Did they discover this drop at the beginning of the second filling and decide to stop the filling and not complete it, or is there another reason?

AlNahda dam

AlNahda dam

As for the rubble dam, Dr. Hisham Al-Askari said that in order for the Ethiopian authorities to reach the storage of 74 billion cubic meters, water must begin to reach this dam, which has not happened so far, and this means that the concrete dam has not been filled to the capacity that allows water to reach the rubble dam. wondering if the water hadn’t arrived yet, What is the reason for the pressures on the earth’s crust that were discovered in the dam and were monitored?

He said that the images did not reveal the presence of a drop of water on the dam, but monitored the presence of pressure on the ground soil, due to the presence of a large amount of faults at the bottom of the dam, and this is a constant and announced by the executing company and the Ethiopian authorities, noting that satellite images monitored these faults, Which makes us ask: Is there a relationship between the vertical displacement observed with these faults? Responding by saying that the presence of large faults and large displacements in the body of the dam was monitored, which in the last 5 years reached about half a meter.

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He revealed that the size of the ground faults under the dam and its body is very large and of a high degree of danger, and ground movements were monitored at the dam site and before the water reached it, which may represent tremendous pressure on the ground layers, explaining decisively that the images and results that were monitored make him question the lack of The ability of the Ethiopian authorities to complete the dam, whether in terms of construction or the planned storage quantity, which is 74 billion cubic meters.

He said that in this case, and according to the previous data, the arrival of the storage capacity in the Renaissance Dam to 20 billion cubic meters, and the beginning of the arrival of water to the embankment dam, may happen after that, with dire consequences, especially for the Sudanese people, and lead to complete extermination and massive destruction in Sudan, and all This is according to all the images monitored by the satellites, calling on the company executing the dam and the Ethiopian authorities to assume their legal responsibility and to notify international authorities of the truth of what is happening in the dam to prevent any uncalculated risks to other peoples.


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