He was about to die of coronavirus and was able to say goodbye to his 5 children thanks to the moving gesture of a resident doctor

Valentín Vidal and Norma, while communicating with the five children (Facebook)

His shift ended first thing in the morning and if he wanted, he could go to rest after working all night. However, Valentin Vidal (29), a resident doctor of the San Roque Hospital in the town of Gonnet, I knew it wasn’t time to go home yet. Before, I had to see him at. Rule, a 78-year-old blind patient who was fighting a fierce fight against the coronavirus And it got worse minute by minute. As the prognoses were not good and the woman could not maintain contact with anyone, the young professional had promised the family to make a video call from the room so that her five children could fire her.

It was like this that before leaving the Hospital, around 9 in the morning on Thursday of last week and despite the logical fatigue, Valentin entered room 317 where Norma was. He examined her and after checking her vital signs, he told her that he had a surprise for her. The doctor took out her cell phone, communicated at that time with the relatives and established the videoconference. There were several minutes of emotion, tears and pain. On the one hand, the five of them were able to see and greet their mother for the last time and on the other, the 78-year-old woman had the time to enjoy her children’s voice.

“It was very exciting, I had a lump in my throat. Of course I was excited. Beyond the doctors we are prepared for these situations, one could not help feeling things. Tears were obviously falling, but they were not noticed by all the protective gear I was wearing“Said Valentin in dialogue with InfobaeNot without first clarifying that it is not an isolated gesture that occurred only to him. In fact, he argued, it is something that any health professional does or would do in such episodes.

The story was made known on social networks thanks to the doctor Leticia Moreda, Vidal’s companion in San Roque. It was she who captured the image of the doctor while holding the cell phone during the video call. “One more story of this pandemic, one more story that deserves to be told, one more story that shows that taking medicine is much more than prescribing an antibiotic or giving oxygen”Wrote the professional. His post was a viral success: almost five thousand positive reactions and 13 thousand shares.

Valentín Vidal, the young doctor at the San Roque de Gonnet Hospital (Facebook)

Valentín Vidal, the young doctor at the San Roque de Gonnet Hospital (Facebook)

“I did not realize when my partner took my photo, but it is something that I had promised. Norma, being in the isolation room, I was unable to maintain contact with any family member. Only medical personnel so that the virus does not spread. Not even behind glass. It is hard but necessary. And since the patient’s condition had worsened the night before, I told the family what was happening. They asked me to see her but since they couldn’t, it occurred to me to make the video call when my shift was over and I did.”Described Valentín, an oncologist born in Balcarce and received from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of La Plata.

As a physician one also travels the emotional sphere and I learned that medicine goes hand in hand with a lot of feelings and sensations, “he reflected. Norma was admitted to a special isolation room for five days. Dr. Vidal was one of the professionals who cared for her on a daily basis. As she told InfobaeDespite the optimal treatment for his health, his general condition was delicate and worsened.

The call was made and although the pain crossed the situation, the happiness of the six – mother and children – was noted. “They re-thanked me for the gesture. They were happy to have talked to their mom even though it was to fire him. It was something very hard that I never imagined that it would have the repercussion of had”, Remarked the doctor. The next day, Friday the 11th, Norma’s condition worsened as expected. That same afternoon, the patient finally died. It was a colleague who had to break the news to the family. Valentin was not on duty at that moment.

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