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Carrara, 27 September 2021 – “I just had time to pick up the baby and walk a few meters away that the roof collapsed in our living room”. Anger, fear and despair mingle in the voice of Fiammetta Dell’Amico, a young mother who yesterday afternoon saw her house uncovered in a few moments by the fury of the wind as if it were a house of cards.

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Fiammetta lives with her husband, three-year-old son and brother-in-law in a house on the top floor of a building in via di Stabbio, to the Factory. Here yesterday around 16.30 the storm took just five minutes to cause damage for tens of thousands of euros, but the impression is that just by chance nobody got hurt. At the height of the storm, the roof of the building, which had been under renovation for over a year, was raised in the air like a twig and began to fly in every direction.

Beams, gutters and large sheets of insulating material that were lying on the end of the building began to bounce like pinball balls between buildings in the area crashing into windows and terraces before collapsing to the ground and being swept away by the river of rainwater that it was formed in the middle of Viale XX Settembre.

In the meantime, the large scaffolding that embraced the building in via di Stabbio collapsed to the ground, overwhelming the parked cars and everything it found on its way. As soon as the fury of the storm loosened its grip, the family of Fiammetta Dell’Amico together with the other eight nuclei living in the building succeeded to escape to the street, but behind them they left a trail of devastation. The damage caused by the storm was such that none of them were able to return to their homes yesterday and at the moment it is not known how long they will have to stay out. Among them, three families, for a total of eleven people, were taken care of by the municipal social services, the others found accommodation independently.

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«We have lost everything – Fiammetta Dell’Amico continues -. The construction sites had been going on for over a year and for some time we had begun to have problems with water infiltrations. Three days ago large patches of damp had begun to spread on the walls, but today it was awful. When the storm came, my husband was in the room with the baby, while I was in the bathroom when suddenly I felt the house start shaking and the water started pouring in from the roof. Not even the time to realize what was happening and pick up the child who with a roar the roof collapsed in the middle of the living room, I don’t even dare to think what could have happened if we hadn’t moved “.

Municipal police, carabinieri and firefighters immediately arrived on site to provide first aid and secure the area. Upon their arrival all of them found an apocalyptic scene: the debris and the remains of the roof were scattered everywhere in an area of ​​tens of meters, the sheets of insulation material in particular were literally everywhere, but the same was also true for the wooden beams and for what should have been the gutters of the building, but were now reduced to shapeless clusters of metal. More than one terrace of the neighboring buildings showed evident signs of a collision with some flying debris, while several cars had been overwhelmed by the debris carried by the wind. “The plexiglass curtain saved us – says a condominium who lives on the upper floors of a distant building at least 20 meters from the one in via di Stabbio -. We were watching television when something hit the plastic that we immediately got outside the window and then fell to the ground, otherwise it would have broken through everything “.

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