He was to abuse juveniles, eventually a prominent American cardinal will be tried

Theodore E. McCarrick was to sexually abuse a 16-year-old boy, among other things, during his brother’s wedding feast, which took place in 1974 at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. He was indicted for his actions in the state this week.

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Pope Francis removed the priesthood of 21-year-old McCarrick last year after the Vatican found him guilty. He thus became the highest-ranking church dignitary so far, who was indicted in an affair moving by the American Roman Catholic Church.

Former Washington Archbishop McCarrick they recognized guilty of the sexual abuse of adolescents and adult seminarians in the Vatican trial in 2019. Testimonies and dozens of documents from church archives served as a basis for them. Sexual offenses were supposed to occur for decades. McCarrick has so far escaped justice because the statute of limitations has made criminal prosecution more difficult.

Investigations into the sexual abuse affair that has been driving the American church for many years have been fueled by burning message issued by a Pennsylvania jury in 2018. According to her, bishops and other representatives of the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania covered the sexual abuse of children committed together by more than 300 priests for 70 years. The victims allegedly persuaded them not to report the harassment and demanded that the matter not be resolved legally.

Prosecutors General in 20 countries from Nebraska through Illinois to New Jersey following shocking news launched investigation of cases of sexual violence. However, extensive investigations have resulted in only a handful of allegations and lawsuits.

But this week there was an event that could shake up the whole case of church sexual harassment. From local law in Dedham, Massachusetts it followsthat for the actions of McCarrick, who is not a resident of Massachusetts, the limitation period came to a halt when the priest was not physically present in the state. McCarrick, who lives in Missouri, has been charged with three cases of abuse and bodily harm in juveniles, where the victims were 14 years of age or older.

Up to five years in prison can be sentenced for each indictment, and McCarrick should also be registered as a sex offender. He is expected to appear in court on September 3. Former cardinal before saidthat he “does not remember” any cases of abuse.

However, the court documents first referred to by The Boston Globe contain a very detailed account of the abuse of a then 16-year-old boy. The man is over 60 today and does not want his real name mentioned. According to his testimony, McCarrick was their family friend and repeatedly abused the boy until he was an adult. Incidents occurred not only in Massachusetts, but also in New York, New Jersey and California.

One of the cases happened at the boy’s brother’s wedding reception at Wellesley College in Massachusetts in 1974. McCarrick allegedly the boy he askedwhether he would go for a walk with him and talk to him about his “street behavior.” After sexually abusing the boy several times, he told him to recite prayers to redeem himself from his “sins.” He later told the boy that his father told him to listen to McCarrick and do whatever he told him. “Maybe it should have been like that, maybe it should have happened, I don’t know. I was still just a naive young man, ” she stated sacrifice.

About cases of McCarrick’s abuse allegedly he knew already Pope John Paul II, discovered the Vatican during an investigation in 2019. However, the then pope decided to trust the American bishops, who denied the information. Pope Benedict XVI, who resigned in 2013, also refused to deal with the matter. According to him, there were no “credible accusations”.

It’s McCarrick accused also from the assault on a teenage boy in the early 1970s in New York. He also allegedly forced men to have sex while studying for a priest in New Jersey.

Hundreds more clergy face similar accusations of sexual harassment of children and adolescents in the church for decades.

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