He went to the mushrooms, the bear attacked him. The Slovak described how he survived the terrible attack

Many people consider mushroom picking to be a relaxing activity. However, the 31-year-old Slovak Michal will probably not forget his last trip. The father of a small child was almost young – just a kilometer from human dwellings, he was attacked by a raging bear.

“It’s a very unpleasant experience, I wouldn’t want to experience anything like that again. We went to mushrooms. I was looking for mushrooms, but suddenly a bear with two grown-ups appeared behind a tree,” Michal described the first moments of horror to the Slovak website. New Time.

As soon as the bear noticed the man, he knew he was going hard. “She stood up and attacked me in affect. She ran after me and I started running. But after a while she ran me over and punched me in the back of the body, where I then had a deep wound,” Michal continued.

After the bear dropped the man to the ground, he felt the greatest helplessness. So how did Michal finally survive the attack? “The bear stood over me and started blowing and yelling in my ear. I didn’t know what to do, so I started screaming too. Only then did it bounce a little farther away. But it was still circling around me and every time I moved a little, she returned immediately. But in the end she gave up and left, “the man added.

Although Michal was lucky and escaped with only minor injuries, according to the mayor of Dúbrava Elena Grňová, another bear attack cannot be ruled out. The animals are said to be overpopulated in the area.

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“People from our village and other villages are afraid of these beasts and feel threatened,” said the mayor. Bear tracks are starting to appear even where people live – the last time they found them at a nursing home for the elderly.

“We are afraid that when farmers harvest corn from the fields, the bears will find themselves without food and as a result they will become more and more aggressive. The inhabitants in the area have gardens and keep livestock.


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