He wrapped himself in a scarf and set out to rehearse. The Senegalese disguised himself as a woman, he wanted to pass the school-leaving examination for his girlfriend World

A young man who is already studying at a university in northern Senegal came to the city of Diourbel to pass the exams for his partner, who is still in high school.

According to photos on social networks, the young man wore a red skirt with a black print, a headdress and a scarf to confuse the examiner. In Senegal, the school-leaving exams are taken in writing and he has not been in direct contact with teachers.

The scam came on Saturday, the third day of rehearsals, during an English test. The staff supervising the examinations alerted the police who arrested him to the alleged student’s strange behavior.

The same fate befell his girlfriend, who was waiting for him at a nearby restaurant. Both are now awaiting trial in Diourbel Prison.


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