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Border Demarcation: Does America Have an Offer to Barter?
Israel: Riyadh’s recklessness is detrimental to our confrontation with Hezbollah
Al-Naameh landfill is exposed to a disaster similar to the harbor earthquake
Al-Mayadeen’s documentary on the explosion of Beirut Port reveals the legal responsibility of the judiciary to prevent any solution
The presidential understanding to overcome the governmental crisis encounters a positive opportunity to demarcate the maritime borders
Moscow is determined to move in Lebanon… and the rise of the dollar brings the financing card back to life
Relying on Macron’s visit to the Gulf to breach the crisis wall
– Mikati in the face of the fait accompli… activates the ministerial committees and motivates them
The dollar is flying… and 160 thousand families are waiting for the mercy of the House of Representatives to support the poorest
A presidential understanding on resolving two crises
The arrival of Russian satellites.. good or not!
Major General:
– “Statico” continues to suspend sessions between the “Mikati Intifada” and Hezbollah’s stubbornness!
Salama: The liquidity reserve is 14 billion dollars {and “UNICEF” is ringing the last warning bell
Fears of the “transitional administration” extending to the elections
The scandal of tens of thousands of testimonies… What next?

– Russian sources read in the occupation government’s announcement that it is not interested in returning to the nuclear agreement with Iran as a result of what was agreed upon between Washington and Tel Aviv, as Washington returns to the agreement and Tel Aviv remains a reserve force, stressing that Tel Aviv has no ability to wage war without Washington .

– A parliamentary reference said that the potential progress in the maritime border demarcation negotiations constitutes the main driving force for the presidential settlement, which opens the door for the return of government meetings, wondering whether what Lebanon witnessed in the recent escalation of crises was a test of its steadfastness when it demanded demarcation, and the time of détente came
– Sources confirmed to Al-Akhbar that the votes of Hezbollah’s lawyers in the Bar Association elections, which took place last Sunday, were in favor of candidate Nader Kaspar, who won the position of captain. According to the information, the gathering of Hezbollah lawyers informed Kaspar in advance that he would vote for him in the second round, (about 150 votes, in addition to the allies), as did the Free Patriotic Movement before the start of the second round, and before the candidate Alexander Najjar, supported by the Kataeb Party, withdrew. The Amal Movement and the Future Movement, which prompted these three parties to vote for Kaspar as well

– More than two weeks after submitting a request to separate between the request for the response of the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar (file 69), and the request for the response of Judge Nassib Elia (file 72), the first president of the Court of Appeal in Beirut, Judge Habib Rizkallah, issued a decision returning file 69 to the commission The original Chamber of the Twelfth Chamber headed by Judge Nassib Elia. However, this decision, contrary to what the parties that submitted the request (prosecuting lawyers for foreign victims: Mazen Hoteit, Farouk Al-Maghrabi, Tariq Al-Hajjar, Hossam Al-Haj) tried to portray it as an “accomplishment”, does not mean that the movement will soon return to the investigations file. In the crime of the Beirut explosion, because Judge Elia cannot return to the commission and decide on the claim that Al-Bitar should be returned or take any decision in it. As his return is linked to a series of other lawsuits, which was noted in the text of Rizkallah’s decision, with reference to “taking into account the impediments to considering the lawsuit in the event of compelling reasons.” Judicial sources pointed out that the aforementioned obstacles relate to a series of issues that must be resolved. “Elia’s return to the commission is awaiting a decision on the response case filed against him, which is currently pending before Judge Habib Mezher. This lawsuit, in turn, is awaiting a decision on the lawsuit’s response. And the Mezher response lawsuit is awaiting a decision on the suspicion case filed against Elijah before the Court of Cassation, in addition to the suspicion case filed against the two consultants, Myriam Shams El-Din and Rosen Hajili, unless there is an intention to violate the law,” she asked: “Is there any legal logic left? Existing in Adliya, or is there an intention to go beyond limits unimaginable in the legal mind?

It was known that a political reference wanted a former deputy to return to candidacy again through an alliance with his party, but the head of his party confirmed that he is allied with the movement.

It is reported that a woman’s name is being circulated to run for the Maronite seat in one of the districts of the mountain, to be the first time that a female component is chosen in this district.

– It was known that there are political forces that requested official dates in some Gulf countries, but they did not receive answers or specify these dates.

It was reported that some political leaders sent representatives to meet groups of expatriates and learn their electoral orientations after registering them on the platform.
Major General:
– A political pole considers that the ruling on the success of the tripartite presidential meeting depends on the return of the Council of Ministers to the meeting and the resumption of its weekly sessions to complete the required steps from the government in exchange for the promised aid!

– Preliminary statistics indicate that the majority of the expatriate votes will go to the political opposition from the candidates of the movement and the independents, and to boycott the candidates of the ruling parties!

– An amount of 120 thousand pounds is deducted from the salaries of the military in return for the supply fund that is distributed to them monthly, which prompted many of them to dispense with it!
A senior official repeats before his visitors about the lack of loyalty of some of his private team, and he attributes this to the failure to take a decisive decision previously.

A senior official was quoted as saying that a high-level meeting broke the wall of a sensitive crisis that is expected to crystallize in the coming days.

– The delegation of the US Congress, upon its visit to a spiritual reference, expressed its belief that progress in the Iranian nuclear file will reflect positively on Lebanon.
home call:
– Judicial circles were surprised by the presence of a military investigative judge in the meeting that took place yesterday between President Najib Mikati and a delegation of families of the Islamist detainees in Roumieh prison, in the presence of the Ministers of Justice and Interior.

– Political references commented on the words of the Russian Foreign Minister about his willingness to visit Saudi Arabia and at the same time justifying the statements of his colleague, the Minister of Information, that he wanted to disable her, so he blinded her.

– A figure affiliated with the “Lebanese Forces” opponents was described as having shown the best performance and the best result in the Bar Association elections, while the “Free Patriotic Movement” presented the worst performance and obtained the worst result.

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