Health and safety experts, “seeing then that we have to be patient and see how it turns out’

The crisis seems to be, for now, been averted. The last versoepelingen of coronamaatregelen on the road map drawn up by the government have been promulgated. Some speak of the Outbreak Management Team regarding the removal of the measures.

In the NETHERLANDS we do not expect that the reduction in the number of infections is still a lot of continue to persist. “The uncertainty is taking on very, very quickly”, say the head of infectious disease control, Jaap of the Shaft, and Jacco Wallinga, who is responsible for in the model.

The Dutch spoke to them about the impact of the long-awaited corona and app, which, according to the minister, The Younger is nearly complete. And, once again, about the role of aerosols, and an argument that always strikes.

Two weeks ago, said to you: “it’s the end of the versoepelingen is on the horizon. We’ll be there this week to arrive?

Wallinga: “It’s something that you’re ahead of the need to look at it, or it’s too far away. And then you need to take a step back, do so. We are in a situation in which we have never experienced before. And now, we’re really looking for: how do you get it?”

So we will have to step down?

Wallinga: “We’ll have to wait and see how this all turns out. We have been in the summer, and a couple of additional, uncertainties: how’s it going with the holidays? And in the end of the summer, we will have an additional uncertainty in the start-up of the school.”

The organisers of many major events, such as football clubs, let’s hope that’s one and a half meters (left). Said to you before, the events may not display if there is an app. Is that still the case?

Wallinga: “The app first, and then we’ll see just how effective it is. If that is the case, then it can be in close contact to register, which you didn’t know. That may help you. However, it is not a condition or factor.”

Public transport is one and a half metres, more or less let go. What do you think about this?

Of the Tongue: “If it works, and there are enough of us to want to do something, you can, of course, that some measures to replace it. You’ll find that people in a given period of time are close to each other have been great. Such things as reservations, and it’s sitting on the plant and are, therefore, different. As well as the speed and capacity of the source and the contactonderzoek is affected. So, what we have is influenced by what technology is being developed, and it is successful.”

But the app is not quite there yet, and it’s one and a half metres of the rail is released.

Of the Tongue: “You will always be able to parts of customization to do, there’s no other way. And that means that it has been selected to be in the public transport system, in principle, to the one and a half meters out. During a great part of the day as well. However, if you are looking for the summer vacation and the start-up of the schools to the end of the summer, you can expect that the use of the public transport network is on the rise. Is there such an app is actually in focus. It may be another two months before it matters.”

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