Health authorities in Santiago de Cuba on alert for the increase in cases of oral cancer


Alarms have soared in the province of Santiago de Cuba due to the increase in cases of oral cancer, especially among young women, to the point that this disease has become the second leading cause of death in the province.

40 new cases are diagnosed in the province, excluding patients who have already had tongue cancer and tonsils, which are also on the rise.

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The main risk factors, the second degree specialist in Oncology, Oscar Zayas Simón, showed that there are poor oral hygiene, high consumption of alcohol and smoking, which act as a catalyst for this is one of the most common and lethal.

In the province, 40% of cases are diagnosed in time, a figure that health authorities intend to increase at least to 80%.

The terrible disease has 4 stages, of which only the first two can be cured, the third is unlikely to be able to be treated and the fourth has no cure because large tumors with metastases are usually found at this stage .

This disease must occur in men over the age of 50, but in the province of Santiago de Cuba occurs especially in young women.

"Recently I received the preliminary report on the incidence of this disease and I am alarmed, above all, by the number of women suffering from mouth cancer: tumors in the mouth cause mutilation and aesthetic problems, much suffering and when diagnosed in the fourth stage survival is about 5 years, "said Oscar Zayas Simón, who is also the provincial coordinator of the Oral Cancer Control Program.

In order to restore the current situation in the province, tasks such as the training of stomatology personnel in the diagnosis and prevention of oral cancer and the correct actions before it are currently underway.


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