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For almost six years now, Catherine Laborde has been battling Lewy body disease, a condition that combines symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. On the occasion of her 69th birthday this Friday, May 8, the former presenter confided in “Télé-Loisirs”.

“Every day is different, these are the roller coasters. There are days with, and days without, ”she started. “Some days are really difficult and then, totally unexpectedly, I will feel wonderful the next day. I then find everything beautiful and everything makes me smile. When I’m in bad shape, I hang in there thinking about those fun days ahead. “

“If there is one I do not spare, it is my husband”

On a daily basis, Catherine Laborde can count on the support of her family. “I rely a lot on my two daughters and my husband, sometimes I don’t realize how heavy it can be. I’m afraid of being a burden for them, it’s terrible … “, she continued before adding:” If there is one I do not spare, it’s my husband . But this is normal, because he chose me, unlike my daughters, who did not ask for anything! “

If television, which she left in 2016, seems to her today “” far away “”, she has another dream: that of going back on stage one day. “” The last time I went on stage was in 2016. I was playing La Fontaine fables. I didn’t realize how much my illness affected my game. But today I refuse to believe that the door has closed. I dream so much … “


Created: 11.05.2020, 09h10

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