Health: control of drugs subsidized by the Ministry sold on sidewalks on the market Friday

The Ministry of Health and Population announced the seizure of quantities of smuggled and unregistered drugs in the Ministry of Health in a number of pharmacies and warehouses, in possession of a number of street vendors in Giza, Cairo and New Valley governorates .

This occurred during a major campaign launched by the Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs through the Pharmaceutical Inspection Department at the Ministry of Health, in coordination with regulatory authorities.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Khalid Mujahid, the violations that were seized in the province of Giza included 282 contraband and non-registered pharmaceutical products at the Ministry of Health and an unknown source at the Dam High pharmacy Street in Dokki, where a declaration was issued, under n. Dokki for the 2018 year, to be submitted to the competent prosecutor to take the necessary actions for the violation.

He added that "in the context of the strengthening of control over the sale of drugs, the pharmaceutical inspection team, in collaboration with officials of the General Department of Supply Inspection, managed to control a street vendor in the Friday market in the area. of Imbaba, offering and selling special medicines to the Ministry of Health and Population, health insurance, that the amount that was raised amounted to 250 pharmaceutical parcels, and a record number of 22330 Misdemeanor Police Department of Imbaba was released for the year 2018, to be presented to the public prosecutor.

"Mujahid" to control 100 packages of drugs smuggled and unregistered in the Ministry of Health and unknown source in a pharmacy on the road of the League of Arab States in the area of ​​Mohandeseen, where a record was recorded in the number 15365 crimes of the Dokki Police Department for the 2018 year to be presented at the trial.

For its part, the head of the Central Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs, dr. Rasha Ziadeh, revealed the seizure of an unauthorized location in the Bab al-Shaareya area, in the Cairo Governorate, which deals with contraband drugs and distributes it to street vendors for sale to citizens on sidewalks, in violation of the law. Of which 300 are smuggled and unregistered in the Ministry of Health, as well as another 300 are listed in Table III, paragraph (d) of the Anti-Narcotic Law, which indicates the release of a record of the accident No. 14567 offenses of the Police Department of Bab al-Shaareya for 2018. General competent to take Necessary for the exact crime.

"Ziada" that a pharmacy was seized on Ninety Street, the fifth assembly, and an unlicensed shop containing large quantities of smuggled and unregistered drugs at the Ministry of Health and an unknown source, where a record was released, the number 10128 delinquents Police Department before New Cairo for 2018 and underway Presentation to the prosecutor.

Zaidah added that 81 drug cases were seized at a Sherif Street pharmacy in the center of the country. An incident report was recorded in the 10289 issue of the Abidin Police Department for the year 2018 and presented to the competent prosecutor.

In the same context, the pharmacist inspected an unauthorized store belonging to a licensed pharmacy in the New Valley Governorate with 525 containers of psychotropic and expired drugs, plus 600 ampoules of expired tramadol and 36 boxes of different types of expired milk products, and 3800 tablets activated expired in 2014, where the preparations and minutes required for submission to the public prosecution were monitored.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population said that the ministry is continuing to intensify and launch these control campaigns on all governorates of the Republic, to eliminate the market for smuggling and unregistered drugs at the Ministry of Health and the places of sale, be they pharmacies or shops or street vendors, and to ensure that the pharmaceutical institutions have the necessary licenses, but will be beaten with a hand of iron by transgressors, in order to ensure the health and safety of citizens.


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