Health: electronic prescriptions and telecare were approved

The law was approved by unanimous vote in the Senate and authorizes medical, dental, and other prescription or prescription professionals doctors for all health workers legally empowered to do so, in the respective fields of healthcare and pharmaceutical care, public and private.

In addition, the norm that had the green light in the Senate determines that prescription drugs are prescribed in electronic or digital format. they must be dispensed in any pharmacy in the national territory, pharmacy services of health establishments and establishments in the sector that they are duly authorized by the competent authorities.

Likewise, the law approved by the Semnado also determines that those responsible for auditing electronic prescription systems and telecare platforms must “guarantee the custody of virtual professional assistance databases (digital medical records), prescription, dispensing and filing”.

They also have the obligation to “establish the criteria for authorization and control of access to said databases and guarantee the normal operation and strict compliance with the regulations in force in the area.”

The chairman of the Health commission, the radical Mario Fiad, highlighted during the session the consensus reached for this law in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and declared that “there is no doubt about the progress regarding digital health” since they narrow “the inequality gaps in order to reach remote areas” because “often the critical factor of distance hinders that access to health”.

Fiad noted observations that “will be salvageable,” he said, in regulations such as those that mention the delivery of drugs in authorized establishments, something that raised concerns for pharmacy associations.


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