Health Medicine travels neighborhoods recommending preventive measures to prevent COVID-19

The head of Health Medicine, Dr. Roque Elizondo, pointed out that “the tours include neighborhood stores, butchers and greengrocers and are aimed at promoting preventive measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19.”

These tasks are carried out by “a team made up of 20 people who offer all the necessary information on prevention. If, for example, it is a business with a few square meters, we advise its owners so that only one or two can enter people at the same time, the rest having to wait abroad, complying with the distancing regulations, “added the official.

Finally, Elizondo added: “We insist on the use of a face mask, that there is a floor cloth with bleach, that there is alcohol in gel and a paper towel and a fundamental requirement for us is that the person in charge of the business has completed the Food Handling Course, which is completely free. At this time this training is still being carried out and in the last two days about 180 people have participated, highlighting that people from Valle Fértil, Ullum and Jáchal joined online, among other departments “.


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