Health Minister Koca announced the last number of cases and deaths! ‘We are waiting for the peak and plateau period in the coming period’

Breaking news… Health Minister Fahrettin Koca makes statements after the scientific board meeting. Here are the highlights of Koca’s comments:


Our fight against coronavirus has been our unity. Exact statements about the stages of an outbreak cannot be used. Until now we have received the results of Turkey’s outbreak is a sign that exceed minimum losses. We can take precautions even if they are not implemented one hundred percent. Let’s obey the rules without exception. Let’s focus on the result. Let us know that as the measure reaches one hundred percent, the only problem to deal with is the cases.


The number of cases is increasing day by day. Case numbers data are the subject of discussion in many countries. each event detected in Turkey is in front of your eyes. The disease reached the highest case in the 10th day in America, 8th week in Italy, and 9th week in Spain. wanted in Turkey has reached 4 weeks. That case went to the growth rate of decline in Turkey.


We started to control the spreading speed. You have heard the word filimation a lot. It was with this predominant filimination. You will not forget this word in the coming days. Fillation, as you know, is the name of the recognition of the contagious contact chain. We have ensured that the rate of increase of the case decreases early, with the application of fillation.

What’s going on in the fillation? These people are reached. The diagnoses are isolated and their treatments are started. Filyason app brings a strong answer to the question. We proceed by making a point shot. Widespread contact screening, strict follow-up. This is the way to cut the outbreak. Many countries in the world do not use the radiation and proceed only with complaints.

5. slowdown in the death rate in Turkey was realized a week. We are the earliest captured country. The fact that the rate of increase in the case has declined is a sign that we are on the right track in the fight, that the measures have yielded results and that we will get results. In principle, the most widely adopted method is that the filyasyo Turkey. 261 thousand 989 contacts were identified


How do we do when a new diagnosis is made. A detailed story of the patient is gathered, the information of people near whom he met with when. When a case is detected, the business and family fall into the automated system. The radiation team is also taking action. Teams of 3 people are screened within 48 hours as soon as the case occurs.

The radiation teams reach the address directly. In each new case, the network for the disease is re-established. Fillation work is done in 81 provinces. Zonguldak is the highest 99% of contact follow-up. In Istanbul, where the cases are most intense, 1,200 teams are employed. We have a total of 4600 teams.


Part of our Filyason study is carried out by family physicians. Whether the symptoms appear or not is investigated by family physicians. Part of our data source that we have is this network we have established with family physicians. Filution requires a robust data source.

There is information about how many times a patient’s fever was measured in a small hospital in a small city of our Ministry of Health of this country. Know that the work is carried out by highly experts. Remember the responsibility that all this effort puts on you and do not compromise on measures. When the tables are looked at carefully, he says, “Resist the master.”

Breaking news: Health Minister Koca announces last number of cases and deaths We expect the peak and plateau period in the coming period

TABLE Daily Turkey coronavirus (April 14)

Our test number today is 33 thousand 70. We have passed our weekly test count. The total number of deaths has been 403, with 107 citizens who died today.

Breaking news: Health Minister Koca announces last number of cases and deaths We expect the peak and plateau period in the coming period


Turkey is currently the case in question, but the increase rate of increase fell 4 weeks I can say very comfortable. Turkey’s situation is different from the world is watching. With the increase in the number of cases, there is no decrease in the number of patients in health institutions. We see clearly that the number of intensive care and intubated patients is now paused. It is mentioned about the rate of 021 spread on social media. If the mortality rate decreases in the coming period, we can see that this picture has changed. In this period, we know how to do if there is no new wave course that continues to comply with the measures. Let’s pay particular attention to contact, isolation and social distance.


There is an intense study on vaccination in the world. We do not believe that the period of using the vaccine to humans is too early. Our Science Committee friends do not think that it can be used before the next 4-6 months. We support all our units working. They have isolated 3 central viruses, as the first stage. It will be continuing rapidly in future studies.


We are in a different approach to treatment, especially in Turkey. We encourage him to broadcast his work to the world quickly. There is no other country that supplies this before seeing it and gives it free to its citizens. We stocked nearly a million medicines. Nobody uses the medicine brought from China like us. Countries around the world have said that the cases were connected to the device in the early period. However, we found that it was wrong to connect the cases to the device in the early period and we found that the treatment with the medicine is more useful in the early period.

Death of Haydar Bas

I wish Mr. Mercy from the President of Allah. In this sense, we constantly state that everyone should be cautious against the virus.


Isolation in a way that the Scientific Committee always emphasizes. Any approach aimed at the theme, which reduces the contact, which reduces the mobility, is a situation requested by the Scientific Board. We transmit all the figures about the results to you in a transparent way. He knows the public. Therefore, we will all see these results in the days before me.


The Red Crescent has undertaken the function of being a center. We also authorized many of our universities. The number of our recovering cases is gradually increasing. When there is antibody transportation, the number of patients we will be treated with plasma will also be high.


We can make a prediction right now, but it is not right to use a clear statement. We have now reached the highest number of cases seen in a week during this period. We expect the peak and plateau period in the coming period. If there is no wave again, we may see the next period as we expected. I think the next 1-2 weeks are important for this.


We can also make the people whose isolation we think of the curfew. We follow the more positive and suspicious ones in the early period. The family and surrounding of these cases are also being followed up.

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Looking at the number of intensive care beds in our private Adana We know that is far below the average of Turkey. In capacity. Therefore, we do not see such a need in Adana. There was such a need in Istanbul and 2 hospitals were started as Anatolian and European hospitals. We do not open these hospitals as the intensive care units reach 90%.

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Currently, the intensive care occupancy rate in Istanbul is 59 and a half percent. Is there 90 percent density in some of our hospitals. In general, we see that 59.5 percent did not exceed.


Vaccines have no specific standard. We activated many of our centers in vaccination studies. We are in the approach of developing this vaccine in the early period.


Approximately 20 million messages have been sent to our citizens, especially between the ages of 20 and 65. It will be sent to a total of 39 million people. The messages of 39 million people will be completed on Thursday.


I would like to underline that these claims are not true. Our citizens expect us to focus on fighting the epidemic in this epidemic that affects the world so much. We are committed to combating this epidemic with our health army close to 1 million 100 thousand people. I want to state that we have no other agenda.

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HUSBAND OF MINISTERS, TURKEY DAY Table of the coronavirus was SHARE (April 13)

Ministers husband, the Twitter account ‘Turkey announced the coronavirus Daily Chart. According to the table, 4 thousand 93 of 34 thousand 456 coronavirus tests were positive today, 98 people died and 511 patients were recovered and discharged. In the table, the total number of tests performed until today was 410 thousand 556, the total number of cases was 61 thousand 49, the total number of deaths was 1296, the total number of intensive care patients was 1786, the total number of intubated patients was 1063, the total number of recovered patients was 3957.


Minister Koca shared the message, “The number of tests will soon reach 500 thousand. The increase in the expected number of cases compared to the increasing number of tests decreases in terms of speed. Early diagnosis and treatment increases the number of patients who recover”.

Breaking news: Health Minister Koca announces last number of cases and deaths We expect the peak and plateau period in the coming period


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca stated that the rate of increase in the patient, intensive care patient and intubated patient has been in a tendency to decrease for the last 10 days. “We see that the number of hospitalization days of the patient who is in intensive care is decreasing day by day.”

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca held a video conference with university rectors, deans and hospital chief physicians. Ministers husband, the video Twitter account about the meeting, “Coronavirus patients have a new development today in the treatment table. ICU reduce the total number of patients is our first time in Turkey scales. 6 universities we Our scientists disagreed. With this monitored treatment is the result of the measures. It is clear the results we get with Measure” shared with note.


In the video rector, dean and chief addressed to the husband, “we see Turkey as different from other countries, this past week, 10 days, see clearly were more. Inpatient, intensive care patient undergoing and intubated the growth rate of the patient, it falls tended to. It’s the first time The patient, who went into intensive care and intubated, decreased numerically, so there was a decrease of 3 – 3.5 percent.

Breaking news: Health Minister Koca announces last number of cases and deaths We expect the peak and plateau period in the coming period


Those who are known to carry the virus are under treatment. You have to be careful. Minimize social mobility. Don’t be afraid that nothing will happen to me. You can be one of the carriers. Remember that you can infect people who can’t beat the virus. The idea that nothing happens against the virus is wrong. This will frustrate trust at the first opportunity. Anyone can carry the virus. The only thing that will give us privileges is precaution.

Is it possible not to see this as a historical problem when the numbers can reach all over the world? If we all adapt quickly to the rules of this struggle, we will get results so quickly. If we follow the rules without compromise, we will prevent transmission of the disease to new people. When we take the disease under control, the sun will rise. These words are also the words of our health personnel struggling in the field. Their biggest wish is not to be one of their patients.


We are in April. We have to resist the attractiveness of the sun and the streets. We are expecting a much bigger spring. Let’s not delay him.

I want to call out to their representatives. Esteemed attorneys, the conscience of public opinion has never addressed this problem. Our Supreme Council has taken the step we expected with the law on the prevention of violence in health. A new violent incident is an incident that cannot be forgiven in the community conscience. The draft law is also of great importance to us.

Dear representatives, our wish is that this bill will be enacted by yes vote of all representatives. If it unanimously, we will applaud our Assembly heartily.


Our total number of tests is 307 thousand 210. Today, we have made 30 thousand 864 new tests. We have 4 thousand 747 new cases. Along with our 98 citizens who died today, the loss of life was 1006. As our number of tests increases, we detect cases earlier.

We started to deliver free of charge mask to make it easier to use. We continue to send it to those who request it via e-Government. All Turkey will start issuing free mask from the pharmacy. I would like to thank our pharmacists who have assumed their responsibility in this regard.

We are sure of the benefits of medicines. We see that our patient who needs intensive care has decreased. The death rate in our country is 2.15 percent. Population Ranked 12th among the countries Turkey exceeded 10 million. There is a very high sensitivity in our society, thank you.

Breaking news: Health Minister Koca announces last number of cases and deaths We expect the peak and plateau period in the coming period


In this period when the number of tests increased, the increase in the number of cases is normal. We can easily say that the rate of increase slows down. Of course, this should not comfort us. During this period, we must be very careful about isolation. I also want to say that 2 weeks are very important.

Our intensive care bed occupancy rate for Istanbul is 59.5 percent. Normal bed filling rate is 50.2. 36.3 per cent bed occupancy rate in Turkey. In this sense, I can say that we have no problems.

“A few weeks ahead of us will make it easy for us to see this course”

Our intensive care process started to decrease gradually in the last weeks compared to other countries. You expect 2-3 times increase in a place like Istanbul. It is extremely important that we have not seen these increases during this period. It will make it easier for us to see this course in the next few weeks.

All our cases, including everyone living in Turkey. We can not put into a number of positive cases we found living in Turkey.

We never give up testing our healthcare professionals. The World Health Organization does not recommend testing anyone who has no symptoms.

I really trust in Turkey, I trust our medical staff. We should be proud of a country with such a strong infrastructure. In this period when the epidemic reached 1 month, it is obvious to the point where the epidemic reached 60 percent in Istanbul. Even differently, I can say that there is a leading approach for us. We will continue to close any existing hospitals, and use those structures with earthquake-resistant structures, including health and health-related education.

Breaking news: Health Minister Koca announces last number of cases and deaths We expect the peak and plateau period in the coming period


3.5 million masks were distributed through e-Government. We care about our first 31 provinces. We send a code to every person so that they don’t stack up in pharmacies. When our citizen goes to any pharmacy, we can say how many masks are distributed now. Our citizen should not go to the pharmacy unless he receives a code on his mobile phone. When that code comes in, they can go to any pharmacy and get it.

I have clearly stated that all our citizens are important for 2-3 weeks. We express that they care about contact, isolation and distance carefully. In Istanbul, the number of cases may increase, as our number of tests increases. I would like to remind you that we should care about insulation at home during this period.


In the U.S. epidemic of Kovid-19, the number of cases exceeded half a million in the past 24 hours, while the number of those who died increased by 2 thousand 91 to 18 777.

The number of cases and deaths in the USA, which ranks first in the list of countries where the Kovid-19 outbreak is effective, is increasing day by day.

According to the latest data shared by Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected with the virus in the country has increased by 35 thousand 316, to 501 thousand 615, and the loss of life to 18 thousand 777 with an increase of 2 thousand 91.

Spain is followed by Spain with 161 thousand 852 cases and Italy with 147 thousand 577 cases, exceeding half a million thresholds in the number of cases.

It is observed that the number of cases in the USA is higher than the sum of Spain, Italy and 125 thousand 931 cases, which are the first 3 countries after it, and France.

The center of the epidemic in the USA New York
Looking at the states, the epidemic continues to feel its impact most in New York. The number of cases in this city, which was 161 thousand 807 yesterday, increased by 12 thousand 682 to 174 thousand 489.

New York is followed by its neighbor New Jersey with 54 thousand 588 cases and Michigan with 22 thousand 234 cases.

In terms of loss of life, New York remains in the first place with 7 887 deaths, followed by New Jersey with 1932 deaths and Michigan states with 1276 deaths.

A total of 29 thousand 191 patients recovered
After the diagnosis of Kovid-19 throughout the country, the number of those who recovered reached 29,191 with an increase of 2,669.


The number of deaths due to Kovid-19 in the UK has increased by 917 in the last 24 hours to 9,875.

According to the British Ministry of Health’s statement, the loss of life increased from 8 thousand 958 to 9 875, and the number of cases increased by 5 thousand 234 to 78 991.

In the last 24 hours, 12 thousand 993 people have been tested, while the total number of tests has increased to 334 thousand 974.

In the country, while the partial quarantine, which will be scheduled at the beginning of the week, is expected to be extended, it was observed that the public did not consider the warnings about not going out on the street.

The British government, which followed the strategy of “spreading the virus for the purpose of gaining social immunity” in the first place, stepped back after reports and criticism that the number of dead could reach 277 thousand.

With the decisions taken on 23 March, a restriction was imposed on leaving the people; All commercial businesses were closed, except for markets and pharmacies.

In England, the heir to the throne was positive for Prince of Wales Charles on March 25, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Minister of Health Matt Hancock on March 27 for Kovid-19 tests.

As Prince Charles and Health Minister Hancock recovered, Prime Minister Johnson was hospitalized on Sunday, and the next day, after his condition worsened, was taken to intensive care the next day. The Prime Minister, who spent 3 days in intensive care, was treated with oxygen. In his statement yesterday, the prime ministry announced that Johnson had started walking and showed improvement.


The number of cases across the country increased to 4 thousand 530 after the diagnosis of Kovid-19 was diagnosed in Malaysia, and the total number of deaths was 73 with the death of 3 people.

The number of people recovered by treating 165 people today has reached 1995.

On the other hand, the Malaysian government has loosened the ban by granting work permits to sectors such as automotive, machinery and equipment, construction, electronics, dry cleaning and hairdressing as part of the partial curfew announced on March 18 and extended for the second time yesterday due to Kovid-19.

Number of casualties rose to 327 in Indonesia
In Indonesia, the Ministry of Health stated that the number of infected people in the country has increased by 330 to 3 thousand 842 and the loss of life to 327 with an increase of 21.

Doni Monardo, Head of the Disaster Management Agency, said that 650 thousand protective suits are distributed to the states today in order to protect health workers in the fight against coronavirus.

On the other hand, the government approved the implementation of comprehensive social restrictions in the cities of Bogor, Depok and Bekasi after the capital Jakarta.

Total number of cases in Japan 7 566
In Japan, which was declared a state of emergency in 7 provinces within the scope of the Kovid-19 measures, the total number of cases in Kovid-19 increased to 7,556 and the number of dead to 141.

The total number of cases has exceeded 1,900 in the capital, Tokyo, where 197 incidents occurred in the last 24 hours.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in his statement today, stressed that people with positive coronavirus tests went to entertainment centers, restaurants and bars, and called on people not to go to entertainment centers that serve the night.

The number of cases is 4 thousand in the Philippines and over 2 thousand in Thailand
The cases of Kovid-19 in the Philippines from Southeast Asian countries have increased to 4, 428 with the positive test of 233 people today.

It was stated that 26 people died today and the total number of deaths increased to 247.

In Thailand, the number of daily case increases decreased compared to yesterday. In the country where 45 new cases are seen today, the total number of Kovid-19 cases was 2 thousand 518.

While Thailand continues its successful performance in the treatment of Kovid-19 cases compared to the countries in the region, it is reported that 122 more people were treated today and the total number of those who recovered increased to 1135.

Breaking news: Health Minister Koca announces last number of cases and deaths We expect the peak and plateau period in the coming period


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