Health Ministry checks the care program for infertile couples in Holguín

The work dynamics to facilitate care for infertile couples from primary health care, in municipal consultations, and in the territorial center for assisted reproduction of the province of Holguín, as well as the conditions of the premises designated for this program, aspects were assessed during a ministerial visit led by Dr. Roberto Álvarez Fumero, a First Degree specialist in Pediatrics and in charge of the Infertile Couple Care Program at the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap).

Another of the main objectives of this visit was to evaluate compliance with the indications of the highest authorities of the country in terms of trying to reduce the gap between couples who identify themselves as infertile, those who are being treated for the first time, those who become pregnant and those who have a child, to ensure that this program is effective and may have an impact on the demographic dynamics of the country.

assisted reproduction holguin visit ministryDuring the exchange carried out in the municipalities of Banes, Rafel Freyre, Gibara, Moa, Sagua de Tánamo, Mayarí, Cacocum and Holguín, it was found that the province has improved the results of the program compared to other times of the year, in terms of pregnancies achieved and effectiveness of these services.

However, Álvarez Fumero pointed out, not all municipalities achieve at least 40 pregnancies for every thousand women treated for the first time, and the provincial service has seen a decrease in pregnancies achieved this year, mainly caused by the economic limitations and the necessary social isolation as of March due to Covid-19.

The structural conditions of some premises are not optimal, so greater attention is required to solve the deficiencies detected mainly in the consultations of the towns of Gibara and Moa, in which today the main problems are evident.

The official of the Ministry of Public Health highlighted the effectiveness in achieving a higher number of pregnancies in the municipalities of Sagua de Tánamo and Mayarí, as well as the good conditions that the premises for this program have today.

In all the municipalities visited, the governments ratified their willingness to support with constructive actions to improve the constructive conditions of the consultations for this task.

Another important issue verified during the visit was to verify the conditions of the premises for taking the spermogram sample, in which progress is now evident, although it was exhorted to continue improving and conditioning these areas.

In the management of the municipalities it is evident that not all the professionals of the basic health team at the clinic level have mastery of the protocol of care for the infertile couple, since 10 percent of the couples arrive at the municipal consultations without going through the Family Doctor, referred the manager.

He also pointed out that today the desired agility has not been achieved regarding the frequency of consultations to recover the delayed treatments of couples who could not be treated due to the situation caused by Covid-19.

As Holguín is a regional care center, another of the issues analyzed was the need to guarantee accommodation capacity for couples from other eastern Cuban provinces who require assisted reproduction service, as well as those who have to travel from the municipalities farthest from the local geography.

The assisted reproduction high technology center is an example for the country, it is the one with the best results in terms of pregnancies obtained for every 100 embryo transfers, and the one that has started the most cycles, benefiting couples with in vitro fertilization.

The head of the Program for the Care of the Infertile Couple of the Minsap highlighted the good results in general of the Program for the Care of the Infertile Couple in Holguín: “Throughout the journey we have found great sensitivity despite the limitations, I ratified again in many years of work that the cadres of this province have the greatest disposition and dedication with this task “, expressed Álvarez Fumero.

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