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The doctor said that the best way to get vitamin D is to bask in the sun. Sunshine for 15 minutes a day can replenish vitamin D, slow down muscle loss, and maintain bone health; the picture shows the situation. (The picture is taken from photoAC)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Sarcopenia not only causes a decrease in muscle strength, but also affects activity and quality of life. In this regard, Fu Yuxiang, an internal medicine physician at Chengtai Hospital in New Taipei City, reminded that if you want to stay away from sarcopenia, you should maintain enough calories, enough protein, supplement vitamin D, and maintain exercise habits, which can slow down muscle loss and maintain bone health.

Fu Yuxiang’s Facebook fan page “Your Chef Physician Fu Yuxiang Geriatric Medicine Internal Medicine Xinbei Wugu Chengtai Changzhao Health Preservation and Anti-aging Chronic Disease SpecialtyThe article pointed out that after the age of 30 to 40, the muscle loss of Chinese people will accelerate year by year, and after the age of 60, many people will face sarcopenia. A body lacking muscle protection is prone to injury, and even causes fractures, disability and other problems. Therefore, the sooner you want to stay away from sarcopenia, the better to start maintenance.

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4 ways to avoid sarcopenia

●Maintain sufficient heat:The calories needed by seniors are the same as adults, so they must not just pass a meal. If you have a bad appetite or poor chewing ability, you can use some ingenuity. For example, eggs can be made into steamed eggs, meat can be chopped or made into pureed meat, and vegetables can be soaked in soup and boiled a bit.

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●Sufficient protein:Patients often ask me, is health maintenance the same as “eat less meat and more vegetables?” The answer is absolutely not. Because if you don’t supplement enough protein, your muscles will be lost quickly, and you will become a high-risk group for sarcopenia. In addition, if the chewing ability is not good, you can eat minced meat, and vegetarians can also drink high-protein drinks to get enough protein.

●Vitamin D supplementation:Although Taiwanese are located on an island, more than half of them are deficient in vitamin D. The best way to get vitamin D is to bask in the sun. Sunshine for 15 minutes a day can replenish vitamin D, slow down muscle loss, and maintain bone health.

●Maintain exercise habits:In addition to diet, exercise is also a good way to avoid sarcopenia. Seniors can do low-intensity weight training or slow-speed aerobic exercise to maintain healthy muscle strength. It is recommended to seek the assistance of professional coaches, which are less likely to be injured.

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