Health orders the withdrawal of Nuud deodorant from the market in Spain after the appearance of cysts in the armpits

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Some days ago France recalled a brand deodorant from the market Nood after the appearance of armpit cysts in some of its users, and now it is Spain that has taken measures in this regard. Health, through the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps), has requested the cessation of the sale of this deodorant in Spain and the withdrawal of all existing batches from the market.

Thus, alert of the possible appearance of cysts in the application area related to the use of this deodorant called Nuud the carefree deodorant. The Aemps warns that, after the news was announced in France, they have received at least four notifications of “serious unwanted effects” also on Spanish users. The effects consist of the appearance of “painful” cysts in the area where the deodorant is applied.

“For all of the above, a possible risk to human health attributable to the use of the product cannot be ruled out,” they point out. After this, Health has asked the company that manufactures and markets the product, Nuud BV, to voluntarily withdraw the product from the market and stop selling it in Spain.

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