Health Health promised to investigate the death of Regina's nurse...

Health promised to investigate the death of Regina’s nurse to the last consequences

He The Ministry of Health has already opened an investigation to determine responsibility for the death of nurse Mariela Romero due to deficiencies in the medical care she received after the delivery of her son at the Villa Regina hospital.

The The decision was communicated by the head of the Secretary of Institutional Relations of the Ministry of Health, Miguel Ledesma, that this Friday around noon participated in an assembly of workers at the Villa Regina hospital.

“Me personally I will be in charge of investigating and reaching the last consequences. This and what I communicated to the minister and It is a decision of the Ministry. Is more already the proceedings of this internal summary are being worked out, but what I need is that each one of the workers can put in writing what they lived and feel to get to the truth ”, said Ledesma in the assembly that was held in the entrance hall of the Monterrey hospital.

On the other hand, Hospital workers asked the intervention of Governor Arabela Carreras to perform the displacement of the hospital director, basing the request on what happened Mariela Romero and find ourselves “overwhelmed, tired, without protection, violated in our most minimal rights. We have been the target of their abuse of authority, threats and insults, their arrogance and arrogance “.

The assembly was called by the guilds ATE and Upcn, with the participation of about fifty workers from the different services, who in all cases raised criticism for the lack of a bed for better care to the nurse that on Saturday she underwent a cesarean section and that she had to perform the postoperative on a guard stretcher with oxygen assistance for being covid positive.

“What we want to know is why when she left the operating room they did not take Mariela to the maternity ward where there was a bed, and they took her to the guard ”, the hospital health workers insisted on several occasions. “That is what we want to find out,” replied the ministry official.

Osvaldo Ruíz Díaz, director of the hospital Regina’s Program Area was emphatic in stating that “all decisions and directives are given by the doctor. No nurse is going to transfer a patient or dispose of a medication if there is no medical order ”, while justifying the determination of transfer the nurse to the guard in need of oxygen assistance due to his respiratory symptoms due to infection with coronavirus.

On your side, Rosa Ñanco, summarizing the feelings of the workers, he stressed that “what we want, beyond knowing those responsible for this situation, is that no other health worker or any person of our society become a new Mariela”.


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