Health skips its strategy and orders Defense to inject Pfizer in children under 60

If you are under 60 years old, they will not call you to get vaccinated, unless you are part of the Armed forces, you will receive the one from Pfizer. If you are a police officer, a teacher, a supermarket cashier or you work with the public in the service sector, you will have to wait until those over 60 are vaccinated so that it is your turn.

The Ministry of Health has endorsed Defense to use the Pfizer vaccine, reserved for those over 60 and vulnerable people according to their own Vaccination Strategy, to immunize military personnel regardless of their physical condition or position. So he has been able to know Vozpópuli by military sources, and has been confirmed by official sources of the Ministry of Margarita Robles.

At the beginning of April, the Matacán, in Salamanca, received a shipment of about 500 doses from Pfizer. On April 7, the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities agreed within the Interterritorial Council to paralyze vaccination with AstraZeneca in those under 60. The only autonomous community that was against was the Community of Madrid.

This decision, binding on all citizens, did not apply to members of the Armed Forces, who do not follow the Vaccination Strategy published by the Ministry of Health and that it develops in common with the autonomous communities. As confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, There is a vaccination protocol for the Army prepared by Health and the General Inspection of Health of Defense (whose top leader was dismissed on April 20), which it is not public and cannot be consulted.

This newspaper has repeatedly requested access to said document, without obtaining a response from Defense. Not even military health pharmacists have access to it, as this media has been able to verify.

Thus, on April 9, two days after the decision made in the Interterritorial Council, they proceeded to vaccinate at the Matacán base “to all the members of the unit, not only to the health workers or those who were going to be deployed abroad“, say sources close to the base. In this way, they received the first dose of Pfizer from the mechanics to the firefighters in charge of putting out the fires inside the headquarters.

This Friday, April 30, 21 days after the first dose, the members of Matacán have received the doses of Pfizer. This situation has caused the distrust of military colleagues who ask: “Why should we vaccinate these people, when the Pfizer vaccine should be dedicated to the elderly or the vulnerable?” Members of the army they don’t understand either “why it has been vaccinated on this basis and not on others “.

The Vaccination Strategy is very clear in this regard: “People in group 6 -where members of the Armed Forces are found- who start the vaccination schedule will be vaccinated with the available vaccines. as vaccination of people 60 years of age and older is completed“.

When the vaccination of those under 60 with Astrazeneca stopped, by strict order of the Ministry of Health, they began to be vaccinated with Pfizer “

Ministry of Defence

This has not been carried out by Defense, following orders from the Ministry of Carolina Darias. Asked about the respect, the portfolio led by Margarita Robles has stated: “We have followed the Health recommendations at all times. When the under 60s were no longer vaccinated with Astrazeneca, by strict order of the Ministry of Health, they began to be vaccinated with Pfizer“.

Darias’s confession

Minister Carolina Darias admitted this Thursday in the Congressional Health Commission that doses of Pfizer continue to be sent to the military, although the vaccination of those over 60 has not been completed. When answering the question about the missed vaccines formulated by the PP spokesperson, Ana Pastor, the minister replied that “those 5,000 vaccines -from Pfizer- were reserved for military personnel who are going to be deployed abroad“It was up to the air to know what happened to the 4,700 doses of AstraZeneca that the laboratory claims to have sent, but that Health did not include in its reports.


It is not the first time that this dissociation has occurred between the Health Vaccination Strategy and the autonomous communities and the one that Defense and Health have developed. As this newspaper already denounced, the Armed Forces have made use of the Pfizer vaccine that was not planned in the same way for the rest of the Spanish.

When the AstraZeneca vaccine was only suitable until age 55, and teachers and policemen over that age had to wait their turn, the military over 55 were vaccinated with Pfizer. This vaccine, in addition, was given to the forces that were to be deployed abroad and to the members of the UME when they were only reserved for health personnel.

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