Hearing the Voice of a Woman Sighing in a Trash Can, Residents Are Shocked, Turns Out…

MALMO, KOMPAS.com – Residents of the city of Malmo, Sweden, was startled by a woman’s voice sighing in the trash can. However, it does not come from indecent acts, but the sound recording the results of government innovations.

The city government of Malmo is promoting a campaign against littering, and they are making trash cans “sound” to attract people’s attention.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the trash can reads “Aaah so delicious”, “Mmm thanks”, “Mmm yeah”, and “Go a little left”.

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The detector triggers the trash can to make a sound every time someone opens it.

Quoted from Metro on Thursday (9/6/2022), residents were surprised and amused when they heard that trash cans can express pleasure when fed.

Swedish media The Local proclaim, this talking dumpster is on the Davidshallsbron bridge, across from Malmo’s main pedestrian shopping street.

Then according to the news AFPthe trash can used to be a male voice, then turned into a sensual woman in the hope of being more calming.

When it was a male voice, the trash can only thanked the residents for throwing it in the right place.

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Marie Persson, head of Malmo’s road department, explained to the newspaper Sydsvenskan“The vote is part of a campaign to get more people to talk about the dirtiest thing out there: littering.”

“The garbage is strewn across our streets, squares and seas. So please feed the trash cans with more trash… just like that,” quoted from The Local.

The City of Malmo government bought 18 high-tech trash cans in 2017, but so far only two have been able to speak, and this is the first time they have been given the voice of a sensual woman.

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According to Persson, the woman who spoke at the trash can was a famous person, but she declined to reveal her name.

So far it is unknown whether there are plans to increase the number trash cans sounded.

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