Heartbreaking recollection for the 15-year-old victim

Several relatives of the 15-year-old girl struck down by a bullet in the head, Sunday evening in Saint-Léonard, went to the scene of the tragedy to reflect, yesterday, a scene difficult to support as their emotions were strong.

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The two sisters of the victim, Meriem Boundaoui, were inconsolable, they who cried hot tears, even screaming in pain, being at the scene of the tragedy.

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Meriem Boundaoui

” Why ? Why ? She is innocent, she did nothing, ”Safia Boundaoui sobbed, both knees on the ground, hands clasped, imploring the sky.

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Photo Agence QMI, Maxime Deland

Safia Boundaoui was sobbing with her knees on the ground, imploring the sky, after going where her sister Meriem perished on Sunday evening.

Already very affected, she faltered when her bare hands touched the snow still soaked in Meriem’s ​​blood, a little less than 48 hours after the events.

Photo Agence QMI, Maxime Deland

Her younger sister, Bahia, paralyzed by pain, was unable to utter a single word.

Their relatives and members of the Algerian community tried as best they could to bring them comfort, but no word was enough to alleviate their suffering.

Minute of silence

A minute of silence was also observed to pay tribute to the teenager

“We did everything to protect her, to overprotect her. Unfortunately, something stronger came for her. […] It’s a great tragedy, I don’t know if we will be able to recover from that, ”dropped Meriem’s ​​cousin, Salima Ferguenis.

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Photo Agence QMI, Maxime Deland

She recounted the girl’s last moments in hospital, as medics ruled that there was nothing left to be done to save her as her head injuries were too severe.

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“I told them: ‘Please do something’ […] They unplugged it and it was gone in a few minutes, ”she explained, her throat tied.

Photo Agence QMI, Maxime Deland

Meriem Boundaoui’s body is expected to be repatriated to Algeria in the coming days so that her parents can bid her a final farewell and bury her in her native village, they who still live in this country.

Find the culprits

Several people at the rally called for better gun control in Montreal.

Photo Agence QMI, Maxime Deland

The relatives of the victim now hope that the culprits will be quickly arrested by the police and that justice will be done.

“She wanted a better future here, she didn’t come to be murdered in Canada. […] We trust the authorities ”, maintains his brother-in-law, Samir Bouchoul, admitting to being touched by all the support of the population.

“I have no words, it’s a disaster. I lost my sister, it was her dream here in Canada. She loved life, she loved living, ”said Safia Boundaoui, without being able to say more.

The investigation into this fifth homicide of the year in Montreal is still ongoing, but no suspect has yet been arrested.

– With Maxime Deland, QMI Agency

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