Heat in Belgium: 32°C in Uccle, 19°C in Zeebrugge… How to explain the temperature differences between the coast and the interior of the country?

A record of 32.6 degrees recorded in Uccle

, but around 19 degrees in Zeebrugge. Faced with strong heat, the Belgians

rushed to the North Sea this Saturday

, and they found a bit of freshness there: on the Belgian coast, temperatures fluctuated between 18 and 23 degrees that day. How can these discrepancies be explained?

It is always cooler at the edge of the beaches because of the sea breeze, reminds the meteorologist of the VRT, Frank Deboosere, to the Flemish media. “The sun always heats the land faster than water. The warm surface atmosphere is attenuated by the cool wind blowing from the sea,” he explains. “This is due to the cold sea water, which is currently barely 16 degrees. We are still at the beginning of the year and the sea is only warming up very slowly. That is why the temperature difference with the inland is so big right now.”

The specialist specifies that the phenomenon “is not exceptional”. “Whenever it gets so hot so early in the year, we have a cool sea breeze with a big temperature difference from the interior. Sea water is warmest only in end of the year”.

In Koksijde and Middelkerke, for example, only 22 and 22 degrees were measured at 1 p.m., reports Frank Deboosere at VRT NWS.

But this sea breeze is not the only explanation. “There is an area of ​​low pressure over France which brings warm tropical air inland to the Belgian lands and at the same time brings colder air from the north, from the sea, towards the coast”, explains also on Twitter, Gert Coone, marine meteorologist at IRM.

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The fresh wind should therefore move inland at the end of the afternoon this Saturday. “It will be much cooler in the Ghent region around 8 p.m. tonight,” says the meteorologist. Indeed, this heat wave should calm down this Sunday.

Showers are expected in some areas, including the west, thunderstorms locally. If the extreme south of the country will continue to suffocate under 33°C, in the center, the maxima will return to more pleasant temperatures, with 20 or 21°C.

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