Heat veteran message to Jokičius brothers: “Miami is my city” / News

The Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets will meet at the National Basketball Association (NBA) from Monday to Tuesday night. The duel is receiving increased attention due to what has happened recently Nikola Jokiciaus and Markieffo Morriso conflict.

November 9 In the Nuggets and Heat match, Jokičius made a pass in the fourth quarter and Morris slipped into his runway. The latter turned around like nowhere, nothing happened.

Serb was furious and kicked Morris in a rush. Both players have earned disqualifications and Heat leader Jimmy Butler has been penalized for a technical foul.

Before the upcoming duel, passions were quelled by a Miami veteran Udonis Haslemas. However, the basketball player sent a message to Jokičius ‘brothers Nemanja and Strahinja, who became famous online, who actively expressed dissatisfaction with Morris’ actions.

“It simply came to our notice then. We will play basketball, the legend of the 41-year-old club told the Miami Herald. – It’s over. I keep hearing that the Jokičius brothers bought tickets to the match. It is better to stay in place and not start problems. Miami is my city. ”

Respecting Jokichi, Haslem stressed that he thought the episode was the result of emotion, but the three-time NBA champion served another message to the brothers.

“What the hell are you buying tickets for? To do what? This is my town. You will not start anything – there will be nothing. Come watch the match and bring your butt home. “No one’s touching your brother – we’re going to play basketball,” Haslem said.

The Nuggets have won 9 games in 19 games and are in 10th place in the West. The Heat enjoyed 13 victories in 20 matches and shared 2-3 positions at the Eastern Conference.


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