Heather Nauert is excellent in her current job – she should not be our ambassador to the UN – Washington Examiner


Heather Nauert has excelled in her work as a spokesperson for the State Department of President Trump. He fielded questions and represented American interests much better than anyone else to honor the White House press secretary during this administration, and his background as a television journalist for Fox News has certainly helped him.

So she should keep doing it. It is not remotely qualified to serve as our ambassador to the United Nations. In contrast to Nikki Haley's mandate, perhaps the biggest shining star of the Trump presidency, Nauert's outlook not only by representing, but by fighting for the free world against global villains and totalitarians, is inconceivable.

Until a year ago, Nauert's entire educational and professional background was in television journalism. He received his B.A. in communications from Mount Vernon College and his Masters in Journalism from Columbia. He's been on TV since then.

None of this serves to minimize the effectiveness of Nauert in his current work. It is poised, explains foreign policy well and remains calm with the press. But the CNN State Department correspondent is not an ambassador for a genocide regime. The marked contrast between the overwhelming success of Haley's mandate against, let us say, the cowardice of Samantha Power, simply demonstrates how important it is not only the intellect and vast knowledge, but the true grit and principles are ambassadorial duties at l & # 39; A

Trump could have chosen almost anyone else in employment politics, and would have had a better curriculum than Nauert in diplomacy. Anyone with military or legislative experience would have one or two extras of foreign policy knowledge rather than someone who spent two decades talking on television. In addition, the choice of a former Fox News gives credit to the liberal line that this is the Fox News presidency. While I'm sure that former Nauert colleagues are happy for his career, the image that Trump is just waiting to snatch Fox set reporters is certainly not helping the reputation of real journalists at the outlet.

For the sake of global stability and American supremacy, we should all hope that Nauert will bring an incredible team to New York and find his place in the job – fast. But this is the center of the scene.



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