Heatwave causes chaos across Europe as temperatures soar


Hundreds of firefighters have battled to contain wildfires in southern France as a stifling heatwave brought record-breaking temperatures to parts of Europe, killing at least three people in Italy.

In the Gard region, where France’s highest temperature is registered on Friday at 45.9C, scores of fires burned 600 hectares of land and destroyed several houses and vehicles.

More than 700 firefighters and 10 aircraft were mobilized to tackle the fires in the Gard, some of which sections of motorways to be temporarily closed.

Fifteen firefighters and several police officers were injured in the fires. A psychologically unstable man was reportedly arrested for deliberately starting fires in one Gard village.

Local prefect Didier Lauga told reporters on Saturday, "We came very close to disaster."

Extreme heat was expected on Saturday to southern France but high still were forecast at close to 40C.

In the neighboring Vaucluse region a man who had been cycling collapsed from heat exhaustion and died.

Further north, Paris was two to experience its heatwave so far with a predicted high of 37C, with authorities maintaining a ban on driving older cars to curb heatwave-related pollution.

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The World Meteorological Organization said 2019 was on track to the worlds hottest years, and 2015-2019 the hottest five-year period on record.

It said the European heatwave was "absolutely consistent" with extremes linked to the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

For a fourth consecutive day, unusually high temperatures above 43C were forecasts Saturday across Spain, with 40 of Spain's 50 regions placed under weather alert, including seven at extreme risk.

Firefighters managed to contain 90 per cent of the bushfires that raged across 60 sqkm of land in the northeastern Tarragona province, the Catalan government said on Saturday.

Two other wildfires in the central Toledo region were still burning, officials said.

He saw 35 per cent rise in an emergency visit to two heat-related conditions.

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According to The Sun, Britain could see its hottest day so far on Saturday, with temperatures expected to reach up to 35C.

The hot weather will see the UK's beaches packed with sunbathers and swimmers

Others will opt for a boozy day in the sun and head to pubs and bars to down cold drinks in the heat.

Pubs across the country are in for a massive boost

The hot weather is a result of a bubble of Saharan air which has brought scorching heat across the continent this week.

June records are set to be broken in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Temperatures forecast to reach up to 35C in some parts of the UK today, with emergency services issuing warnings and advice to take care in hot conditions.

This is where the Met Office records began in 1841.

Forecasters said there is a 50 per cent chance of breaking the June 35.6C record – set on June 29, 1957, in London and on June 28, 1976 in Southampton.

The World Meteorological Organization said that 2019 was on track to the world's hottest years, and 2015-2019 would be the hottest five-year period on record.

It said the European heatwave was "absolutely consistent" with extremes linked to the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

– With The Sun.



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