Heatwave United Kingdom, Europe | Britain will sizzle 39 degrees


The British have lost their calm and sense of decorum as the country sizzles in record heat.

UK temperatures broke July records on Thursday and were on track for 39 degrees, breaking a one-day record of 38.5 degrees in August 2003.

Boiling temperatures have seen people undress on the tube, rail services have canceled trains that slow down due to hot runways that deform with the heat.

London employees have abandoned the uniform of a tailored suit in favor of shorts and t-shirts, while the news anchors have abandoned their traditional dress in favor of a relaxed linen look. Some have opted for the non-shirt.

The records were broken in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands on Thursday as a "plume" of air from the Sahara led to extreme heat throughout Europe.

In Paris, tourists wallowed in fountains and trains were canceled. French authorities urged people to stay at home when temperatures reached 41.6 degrees, breaking a 1947 record. Germany reached a new record of 41.5 degrees

The authorities claimed that the temperature was still rising due to hot and dry air from North Africa, trapped between the cold storm systems. The Dutch government has issued a smog warning for Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague, as sunlight transforms pollution into ozone which can leave people coughing and breathless.

In the UK, people were warned not to swim in rivers after three bodies were brought out of the Thames on Wednesday.

Drivers were told to pay attention to the melting asphalt, while the BBC provided advice on how to wear light-colored clothing, avoiding caffeinated beverages and eating foods with a high water content such as strawberries, melon and cucumber.

Incredibly, a newspaper has even warned women not to insert ice blocks in their vagina in an attempt to remain calm.

"There are many things that should never come close to a vagina and the icicles are up there. The ice can stick to the delicate skin of the vagina and cause real trauma and damage." Dr. Sarah Welsh, co-founder of the condom brand HANX, told Metro.

Public Health England has issued a level three heat alert, just one level below a national emergency.

#Hottestdayoftheyear went on Twitter with everyone, from companies to media, sharing comments on how they are facing the heat.

Transportation to London has warned people to carry water on the pipe.

"You can use it to beat you to death when the heat gets too much," he read a sign.

"There is a high possibility that some passengers will smell the scent of some shrimp that have been abandoned in an alley six months ago."

Scientists predict that UK temperatures will become warmer and more volatile in the future due to climate change.

By 2050 London is expected to look more like Barcelona with Edinburgh becoming more like Paris.

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