Business Heavily hit by the crisis, Uber fires a quarter...

Heavily hit by the crisis, Uber fires a quarter of its employees –

The American group had already announced the loss of 3,700 jobs in early May. He announced Monday that he will lay off 3000 additional workers.

Uber is hit hard by various government travel and containment measures to stem the Covid-19 pandemic.

He has tried to reassure his customers by imposing health safety measures such as the obligation to wear a mask in the vehicle. And some drivers have installed plastic screens between the front and rear seats.

But this is not enough to convince regular users, who are invited for several weeks to limit contact with other people, to work from home and not to go out at night.

An 80% drop observed in April

The group saw the number of passenger transports drop by 80% in April.

“Given the dramatic impact of the pandemic and the unpredictable nature of any possible recovery, we are focusing our efforts on our main mobility and delivery platforms, and are resizing our business to match the realities of our business” , commented the general manager of the company Dara Khosrowshahi.

To save money, Uber is not limited to job cuts and will completely close around 40 offices worldwide, out of several hundred in total.

The platform also plans to focus on its core business, passenger transportation and food delivery with Uber Eats, abandoning several projects considered “non-essential”.

The company will notably reduce the size of its laboratory dedicated to artificial intelligence and its project incubator.

The deletions distributed in different regions of the world

The new layoffs are spread across most of the group’s divisions and across all regions of the world. They do not concern drivers, who are not considered by Uber to be employees.

The group has drawn criticism in recent days while circulating on the internet a video showing the director of customer service apparently signify several thousand employees at the same time that they were dismissed.

dpa / ther


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