Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit arrive on PC … exclusively on Epic Games Store


In full GDC 2019, where he is currently his boss, Quantic Dream announced the Games Developer Conference directly to you that his last three adventure games would have happened on a personal computer. On a particular platform.

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It is live from GDC 2019 and Twitter via the official Detroit account: Become Human has been sent the announcement that it will appeal to all PC players who have watched Quantic Dream productions for years and could not not more necessary to wait a day to shout "Jasooooon" by pressing X on the keyboard.

We are pleased to announce that Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human will be published later this year for the first time on PC at the Epic Games Store.

Once again, Fortnite's parents shop is the place to go for the exclusive adventure game in three by David Cage. For the date or dates, let's imagine it will happen very soon.


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