Heavy Rain, North Korea Secretly Opens Dam ‘Send Flood’ to South Korea

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

North Korea open the door of the water dam ‘sends a flood’ on the border to the region South Korea without prior announcement when it was hit by heavy rain, Monday (7/8).

The news was conveyed by the South Korean government and considered North Korea had violated the agreement on the dam gate on the border between the two countries.



“When heavy rains hit North Korea, the north repeatedly opened and closed the doors of the Hwanggang Dam,” said an official from the South’s Unification Ministry, quoted from the statement. Yoonhap.

“It seems (North Korea) is trying to adjust the water level at the Hwanggang Dam based on the rainfall,” he added.

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The South also ensured that there was no prior announcement from North Korea before opening a water dam to the south.

Under a cooperation agreement between North and South Korea in October 2009, North Korea is required to make an announcement to South Korea before opening and releasing water at the border dam to its neighbour.

South Korea has repeatedly asked North Korea to give advance notice since June. However, North Korea did not respond to the request by continuing to ‘throw’ water into South Korean territory through the Hwanggang Dam gate.

South Korean officials have confirmed that the release of water from the Hwanggang Dam has not caused significant damage to South Korea. However, the government continues to monitor the situation closely as rainfall is expected to remain high until Tuesday (19/8), especially in North Korea.

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‘Flood shipments’ from North Korea usually take four to five hours from the dam on the Imjin River south to reach Bunnam Dam in the near-border town of Yeongcheon. The distance from the city to Seoul is only 62 kilometers.

So far there has been no statement from the North Korean government in a number of foreign media including to Mr Yoonhap related to information from South Korean officials who said North Korea opened the dam door at the border without prior notification.

The official said South Korea is now starting to draw up strategic steps in coordination with the environment ministry, local government and the military.


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