Heidi Hetzer died unexpectedly: your children mention the cause of death


With nearly 80 years, Heidi Hetzer again circumnavigated the world – now the Berlin globetrotter died surprisingly. About the cause of death is now hypothesized.

Update April 25, 8:18 pm: Heidi Hetzer belonged to the successful entrepreneurs of Berlin and the originals of the city. The exact cause of death is not yet known, but everything indicates senility or an accident, Hetzer told the children of the German Press Agency (dpa). Possible is a heart attack or stroke. "The circumstances of his death are far from being as important as those of his life. He lived consciously and publicly, as if every day were his last," his son Dylan and daughter Marla wrote.

Mayor of Berlin on Heidi Hetzer: "A unique and supportive ambassador of our city"

"He understood – and often said – that every day is a gift," he said. "Until recently it had an openness, a curiosity for foreigners and an unshakable faith in the good of man. His family loved him very much and he will miss her very much."

Berlin Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) praised Hetzer as "a unique and supportive ambassador of our city". "Berlin will never forget the woman with her car bag and the Berliner Schnauze." In Berlin, Hetzer "lived and worked at full load".

Video: Heidi Hetzer died unexpectedly

Heidi Hetzer died completely unexpectedly – c & # 39; is a moving message on her Instagram page

First message – Berlin – Around the world at the age of 80 – if you lived this sentence, then it was Heidi Hetzer. Almost five years ago, the old woman was still curving around the world with a vintage car. Only recently has she returned from another trip to Africa. His next trip to Africa since November 2019 was already planned. In May 2020, he wanted to cross the continent again. Now Heidi died unexpectedly in the late Easter Monday at the age of 81. As reported by bild.de, she was found lifeless in her apartment.

Heidi Hetzer: "I can rest when I'm old"

"I can rest when I am old", says the enthusiastic globetrotter. And indeed, Heidi can look back on a busy life. As a trained mechanic, he drove a Berlin car dealership for several years and even made a name for himself as a rally driver.

In the end, he reached the media celebrity spread through his travels, which he started in a very high age with his "Hudo" – Hudson Greater Eight. The car of the time was even a few years older than its owner when the two started together in 2014.

From that moment on Heidi Hetzer was at the height of her name. So in recent years she was almost constantly traveling, so to speak, she always "fell" from A to B. However, the elderly woman never lost the pleasure and joy of traveling. Even a cancer that forced her to stop cannot prevent Hetzer from resuming her journey a short time later. "He has gas in his blood," his then doctor said everything at the time.

Heidi Hetzer was indestructible

Nor could Heidi overcome other unpleasant events. Passport and bag were stolen on the road, a car repair cost her a piece of the finger, and even a molar lost them – for Hetzer all the curiosity.

More recently, she spent Christmas in Africa, where she was then the victim of a robbery. After a brief battle with the robbers, they had really escaped with their valuables, but Hetzer shouldn't have suffered any injuries.

Heidi Hetzer: Death in their home – message on Instagram

However, because she died unexpectedly in her apartment in Berlin it is still not clear. In his Instagram page from Tuesday: "I don't live anymore, but I live"

What is certain, however, is that Heidi Hetzer should have become the inspiration for some. He proved that it is never too late to take life by the horns and go his own way – or just drive in their case.

Another death affects the public. The actress Hannelore Elsner died, unfortunately this was not the only death of the Easter weekend. Even Germany's most famous fashion blogger died on Good Friday at the age of just 34 years.


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