Heidi Klum: Brushing teeth can be so sexy


Unminded or in a slick look: Heidi Klum (46, “Of course, successful”) presents on Instagram like once from their natural side. But her latest video goes one step further. uninhibited shows the 46-year-old at the evening tooth brushing, Of a pajama, however, is no trace.

The mirror image shows Klum only in a provocative, black panties. “Hans and Franz”, as the 46-year-old baptized her breasts years ago, are not veiled. The nipples are just so hidden by the long blond hair tips of the entertainer. Her comment to the sexy clip: “Good night dear ones”.

Tom is lucky

The fans of the 46-year-old seems to enjoy the revealing toothbrush session. “Respect for this body” and “Still so beautiful” can be read among the many speeches. Many users admire the slim figure of the model. “A role model that you can always have a dream body, even after a pregnancy,” it says about there. But also Klum's fiancé, the Tokyo hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz (29), is – above all – men referred to as “damned lucky”. The 46-year-old has been with him since 2018. At Christmas, the couple got engaged.


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