Heidi Klum: injected in the face! THIS photo allows Heidi fans to go wild


Heidi Klum seems to love provocation.
Image: dpa

"Heidi auf der Alm", a follower describes the latest Instagram photo of Heidi Klum, While Heidi Klum has fun obviously bursts into the comments of some fans' misunderstanding. What happened?

Heidi Klum splashes milk in the face – the fans run

Heidi Klum posted a photo on Instagram, kneeling next to a cow and spraying fresh milk into her mouth with her breast. The children of the farm do not find this momentum. "Tasty, yummy", writes the top model for his snapshot. But some fans find the photo not only embarrassing, but also completely inappropriate.

Do not you see the photo of Instagram? So long here.

Vegans teach Heidi Klum

"The picture is somewhat perverse," a commentator writes under the picture. But even vegans do under the photo against the mobile model. "Are you a small cow now, like now?" Heidi Kuh, little cattle, "one says to the photo." The milk of a suckler cow is also there for the calf, not for us humans. "Milk drains the calcium from our body, unfortunately the dairy industry spreads lies To keep it running ", explains another.

Full porn! Fans awaken the associations of cumshots

Others suspect Heidi Klum's sophisticated tactics. "And presumably exactly what you wanted to do – keep talking and take a dip," another Instagram user writes, adding, "I do not think it's bad drinking fresh milk, the question is just like that, spitting out your mouth with your tongue, which is a) provocative and b) then you can pour the milk and throw it away ".

But some also become more direct and even offensive. Absolutely !! What should it be, please? Disgusting, "says one." Full porn "finds another one and apparently has associations with an ejaculation.In any case, Heidi has what he wants: attention and a delicious refreshment.

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