Heidi Klum publishes an appealing photo - and the blasphemous network

Heidi Klum is currently facing the camera for the new season of GNTM. But this does not prevent them from offering their fans shimmering photos that are the subject of heated discussions.

Series of photos with 10 photos

Anyone in public like Heidi Klum should expect to be criticized. So, the German supermodel has no problems. After all, the life of the GNTM leader has been discussed for years and every performance of the fourfold mother is particularly intensely planned. This probably also because the forty-five year old loves to show himself freely, does not think much about hide-and-seek and is also much more loose than many of his prominent colleagues. But it's not always good, as shown by the last photo of Instagram.

Heidi Klum is completely dressed, but in a pose that causes a sensation. Because the American election injects fresh milk into its mouth, which comes directly from the udders of the cow. He commented on the picture with a face that sticked out his tongue and said: "Tasty, tasty …"

But their fans do not find it tasty. The photo salacious upsets many and is bitterly criticized on Instagram. "Disgusting", writes a user under the registration. Another says, "Heidi, you're a great example of money you can not buy, neither level nor youth." Keep it up, we like to laugh. " And a fan discovers: "The picture is beautiful, but somehow just disturbing, just a little inappropriate for your younger followers, but oh well."

"Really dirty"

Not only do German fans see the photo critically, even Heidi Klum's international supporters have their opinion. "Oh god, this made me think of really unpleasant things, really messed up," says one. "It looks like an animal penis", another writes and another states coldly: "I will split you".

But there are also many who simply celebrate the lively photo. It seems that especially a Mrs. Heidi Klum and her intentions have seen through. "Heidi always manages to provoke you, people finally control him: he does it absolutely and one hundred percent more, because he can!"


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