Heinz-Christian Strache and the Ibiza Affair: The Hassprediger


Strache remains Strache.

After witnessing the whole world trying to rebuild Russia's media landscape with Russian investment modeled on the Hungarian model, he complains – in his press conference on Saturday – about the campaign “played abroad”.

In complete distortion of the situation, he scandalized the fact of the secret admission, without conceding the obvious: that there would have been nothing to send, if he had not formulated such concrete plans for the transformation of Austria. He himself is the only source of his detrimentally named Dirt. That's why no power in the world could save him: he sank into a boat he had made himself.

Yet his entire resignation statement was an attempt to share responsibility with others.

Some, such as the Israeli political advisor Tad Silberstein and the German satirist Jan Böhmermann, he mentioned by name, but above all he indulged in hints. He called networks and groupings so that it sounds pretty ominous, a horizon of dark gray clouds, in which every listener who is inclined towards him recognizes something else.

The all-changing, even blasting power that fascinates the extreme right relies on such projections. It must be called a reason why the system is to overthrow, and is best found in the alleged victim role.

Only when it can be proven with reference to a hostile superiority that the previous ways of conflict resolution, the search for compromise are unfair and threatening, is there a kind of supra-legal emergency, with which even the most extreme measures can be legitimized. With hardly any other figure, such energies can be mobilized and mitigate scruples rather than the image of the threat of covertly acting, omnipotent powers.

After the First World War, the dagger legend fulfilled this function, according to which the First World War would have been won by Germany, had not the domestic press, politicians and the Jews betrayed the soldiers. For decades, Jews, Communists and Social Democrats were in the eyes of the right, the agents of what they see as a constantly underestimated threat – nourishing an irrational hatred that ruthlessly unleashed its criminal energy and led to the greatest crimes in human history.

Today, times and movements are different, but the patterns of establishing radical attitudes have remained similar.

They do not trust the exchange of reasons and arguments, the public discourse, but only the mechanics of power. If you dismiss critical journalists, you are rid of the criticism in this mechanical world view. Because the threat never diminishes – that rights have quite an electoral success and responsibility to bear in Europe, is not according to this logic, no proof of the fairness of the system. Any failure of right plans, such as the Brexit, is no proof of their unsuitability. Everything points to larger and more hidden powers that require an adequate response. This is not about design, about political offers and possibilities, but about protection and necessity.

Strache names in the video the idealistic salary of the donors supporting him: They are people “who do not want Austria to be Islamized.” And further: “They do not want their children and grandchildren to die.” However, the protection of one's own children, and also of native women, against foreign sex offenders is not a concrete political goal, which could be met with more police and other measures, but an indication of a threat to humanity itself and a continuing struggle that is one's own Stock leaves no other choice.

That is why the factually wrong thesis of the “large population exchange” or grand remplacement, which has come to the French legal intellectual Renaud Camus, is so powerful: it puts the majority society in a minority position. And every dark-skinned person strolling through Paris, every kebab distance, and every mosque becomes evidence of the invasion, which in truth was merely invented. But it also has another component: All incumbent politicians become accomplices, some of them an alleged elite who devises things in the backroom such as the UN Migration Pact in order to ultimately exchange the local population with that of Africa. Now the scenario is perfect, because the combination of all people living in Africa and all those who have political responsibility in Europe already gives a classic right-wing ingenuity fantasy.

Alice Weidel, leader of the AFD


Alice Weidel, leader of the AFD

This idea has long since continued in more modest variants in the parliamentary discourse. Thus, the leader of the AFD parliamentary party, Alice Weidel, in a speech on the anniversary of the Basic Law, warned that the ongoing migration crisis will “permanently and dramatically change the integrity of the sovereign, the people of the state”. How, so the underlying effect of this passage, one can speak of a fair system, even if the origin of state power is modified by migration-tolerant elites in their favor?

Such figures are one thing: they leave no choice. The self-described minority is exposed to such powers and constraints that a traditional way of pursuing politics, abiding by the rules, seems naive, even treacherous. For this reason no proof is needed for such theses; the whole process of ascertaining the truth in open society is considered the secret support of the evil powers. Media are covert agents of their owners or other forces. Here powers operate, not people.

Strache's defensive attempts sound like that: he let himself be carried away with rash statements because the young woman was gorgeous. He had wanted to drink alcohol and want to impress like a teenager. Mr Gudenus, in turn, was approached by the decoy shortly after his father's death. Thus, human, all-too-human traits are excused: there should be talk of seductiveness, intoxication and grief, not of radical political plans. Here the benevolent, weak men who worry about the endangerment of their children and grandchildren, there the cold mechanism of a foreign power, a political assassination, perhaps even knew about the Jan Böhmermann something.

In this world view, powers act against each other, individuals can only choose their camp. This is how radical Islamists see the situation, they also revel in the sacrificial cult and despise the political process, see only an ideologically promoted industry of power. That is why both are against the open society. And while they relate to each other, they are intensifying their fight against the liberal republic: they both take them to the goal.

The sacrificial cult, the idea of ​​having to act against a cunning superior power and to suffer from unfair rules, have a decisive effect: they relieve. The features of the imagined enemy already determine mine. My responsibility, my freedom do not weigh so heavily, because I must defy a danger against which I do little, which I do not even see clearly. Strache does not have to examine and change himself, the media, intelligence services and who knows who else are to blame for the embarrassing video.

The Ibiza video: What Strache and Gudenus discussed with the alleged oligarchs niece

Apparently, for some, the world can only be endured in such a narrow perspective. And that is the advantage of such an ideology: Radical ideas free from freedom.

Shortly should have known who he was involved with – long before the video. His coalition, his attempt to rule with right-wing populists, has crashed crashing. Right-wing populists who see themselves as the greatest patriots have inflicted the greatest possible damage on their country. Austria is internationally recognized as a banana republic.

In short, he made that clear in his statement on Saturday night, would like to govern alone. “The FPÖ can not do it, the SPÖ does not share my substantive access, the small parties are too small,” he said about future alliances.

In short, he is popular with the Austrians. Now he wants to take the opportunity. It is a risky plan, but it may go on: that conservatives and right-wingers, whom the FPÖ had become too disgusting for now, are now moving to the ÖVP. But the damage that Austria has suffered by the current government, has co-responsibility.


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