Heinz-Christian Strache is said to have paid “Clash of Clans” via party credit card


Heinz Christian Strache, former FPÖ party leader, is under pressure in the expenses affair
Picture: dpa

Austria's former vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache is said to have made purchases in the smartphone game “Clash of Clans”, which were settled via the credit card of his former party. The former FPÖ politician speaks of a mistake.

Dhe alleged expense scandal to former FPÖ member Heinz-Christian Strache is one facet richer: A report of Daily newspaper “Kurier” According to the former Austrian Vice Chancellor, the party credit card was used to make in-app purchases in the game “Clash of Clans” – a multiplayer strategy game that can be played on the smartphone and tablet. The used credit card should therefore have been deposited in the App Store, so that Strache in the game could acquire progress without additional authorizations for small amounts.

In this case, it had been a cell phone that had been registered on the FPÖ office. For this reason, the phone should have been linked to the party credit card. Also in the iTunes store the credit card should have been deposited. When the in-app purchases appeared on the credit card, Strache was reportedly informed by his party. Strache then said that the purchases had been made accidentally. But he paid the open amount.

Billed from the “cash box”

The sums involved in Strache's app transactions are unknown. The amounts were not paid by the party account, but from the “cash box”, as Strache's lawyer explained in a statement. Above that, hotel nights, restaurant visits, fuel and travel costs are usually charged.

The mobile game “Clash of Clans” is based on the free-to-play business model. Downloading the app is therefore free. The game is funded by so-called in-app purchases, which players make to accelerate their developmental progress in the game by buying gems. In the comic fantasy world of Clash of Clans, players build villages and fight against enemy players.



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