Heinz-Christian Strache: the former FPÖ leader ends his political career

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Heinz-Christian Strache ends his political career

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Heinz-Christian Strache leaves the FPÖ registration suspended

"I focus on my family, my present and private future," said the former president of the Austrian right. He wants "until further notice and until further clarification of the legal charges" his pending registration.

Former FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache pulls the cordon: after the Ibiza affair shakes up a Spesen scandal, the Austrian right-wing populist party. They are around 12,000 euros a month.

DFormer Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache ended his political career in Austria two days after the FPÖ's election debacle. He also leaves his membership in the populist right wing. He strives, among other things, to protect his family no longer political functions, said the fifty-year-old from Vienna.

He also wanted to avoid further damage from the FPÖ and prevent "a rift and a division" of the party. It was important for the FPÖ to remain a significant factor in Austrian politics.

Strache had been given by Sunday in part very clearly a great complicity in the disastrous electoral result of the right-wing populists. The so-called Ibiza video with Strache in the lead role caused the breakdown of the ÖVP-FPÖ coalition in May, a week before the elections, the party also had an expense scandal. The Vienna prosecutor's office investigates Strache, because he may have miscalculated the expenses and therefore put the party's items in his pocket. A former Straches bodyguard was applied to the charges.

So far officially confirmed by the rent subsidy of 2,500 euros per month for the villa degli Straches and the payment of 10,000 euros per month for free disposal. Other media you want to know about other sums of money that have flowed monthly.

Is Sebastian Kurz flirting with the Greens?

Sebastian Kurz will also speak with the Greens after the election result. Satisfied, he should be hairy. Even German politicians are closely watching developments in Austria. Marie Przibylla and Michael Wüllenweber report from Vienna and Berlin.

Among other things, Philippa Strache has obtained a "sum of four figures" for a "voluntary mandate as head of animal welfare", shows the "NZZ". In the Austrian media it was also assumed that not the Ibiza video, but rather the Spesenskandal cost the party votes.

Strache vehemently denies the allegations

So far Strache denies the accusations against him vehemently. With the announcement of his political retreat, he came before the party committees. The right-wing populists wanted to discuss Monday, if Strache was excluded from the party after the scandals of recent months. In the event of proven misconduct, Hofer announced the exclusion from the party. He called this passage on the corresponding Sunday night question on "logical" ORF.

Heinz Christian Strache, then Austrian vice-chancellor, with his wife Philippa at the Vienna Opera ball

Source: dpa

On Monday, former Defense Minister Mario Kunsaek (FPÖ) said: "If this is true, I see no other option. I am so sorry." Other FPÖ politicians also declared that Strache had no place in the party according to their opinion.

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Right-wing populists crashed at 16.2 percent of Sunday's votes – a drop of almost ten percentage points from the 2017 elections. FPÖ leaders hinted on the night of the elections that they would see the party in the # 39 bank opposition in the future. Numerous voters disappointed by the FPÖ result already criticized on Sunday and Monday on the Facebook Straches page and saw him as the culprit of the electoral disaster. "Dear Heinz, you blame it on yourself and the gudeno," one user wrote there. Another tried sarcastically: "Fantastic, Mr. Strache – today was your merit. Well done, really."

Will Philippa Strache receive a warrant?

It has not yet been clarified whether Straches' wife Philippa made the leap into parliament. The 32-year-old got third place on the FPÖ state list in Vienna. But it is not even clear if he would accept the mandate at all. After a party the exclusion of her husband would be very unlikely.

The trigger of the early elections in Austria was the 2017 Ibiza video published by "Spiegel" and "Süddeutsche Zeitung", which makes Strache vulnerable to corruption. It triggered a chain reaction.

After Strache's resignation of all offices, Kurz also announced the ÖVP-FPÖ coalition. A few days later, a vote of no confidence followed, with which Kurz was overthrown as chancellor by the National Council.

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Since then, an experienced cabinet under Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein rules the country. In addition to the FPÖ, the ÖVP and Verts committees also meet to discuss the outcome of the elections and its consequences. The two parties are the clear electoral winner with 37.5 percent and 13.8 percent of the votes and could form a government alliance in the coming weeks.

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