News Helena Bustos' family demands justice after discovery of her...

Helena Bustos’ family demands justice after discovery of her body

[DESOLADOR DESENLACE] Valdiviana, only 20 years old, had been missing since April 28. PDI confirmed third party action.

This Thursday, May 21, detectives from the homicide brigade, together with personnel from the crime laboratory, went to the Quitacalzón sector to verify the discovery of the body of a woman in the Calle Calle river.

Suspicions immediately began that it could be Helena Bustos, a young woman of only 20 years of age, who lost track of her at the end of April, after she went out to meet friends, according to those close to her.

Despite the fact that PDI indicated that the body must be subjected to tests to establish its identity, the family of the disappeared woman confirmed that it is Helena, ending an intense 3 weeks of searching.

As reported by the PDI commissioner, the external police examination was able to verify that the body had various sharp and short-penetrating injuries, attributable to third parties. Likewise, he pointed out that the circumstances of the death will be the subject of investigation by the Homicide Brigade.

There is no certainty of the exact date on which he disappeared, since according to close friends, he lived with friends after losing his job, but he maintained contact by phone and social networks with his family, contacts that he stopped maintaining also from that date.

The trail was lost between April 28 and May 1, however, the complaint for alleged misfortune was filed on May 9 after Helena did not return to her family’s home after the death of her grandfather, only there did they suspect that something was wrong.

At the instruction of the prosecution, IAPA and PDI police officers began an intense search for different sectors of the commune, with no results until the discovery on Thursday, May 21.

“Let justice be done”
Through various publications, family members have expressed their dismay with the discovery of what seems to be a horrible crime and demand justice for the young woman.

“I greatly appreciate all your help, the distribution of posters, the search, everything. It was three weeks that I do not give them to anyone, the anguish, and the pain today is transformed into a sadness that eats our hearts. Helena has gone to a better place, there are no details of what happened but we will not rest until we know the truth, “said one of her aunts, who led the search, on social media.

Last night, after the identity was confirmed by the family, a candlelight was held in his memory in the Los Molinos sector.

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