Helena Revoredo launches a takeover bid of 150 million to reach 75% of Prosegur and the stock market soars

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The actions of Prosegur They shot up 20.1% at 9:10 a.m., to 1.72 euros per share, after the voluntary cash public takeover bid (OPA) launched by the president and owner and president of Prosegur, Helena Revoredo, about 15% of the security company.

In these first stages of the session, Prosegur’s shares did not reach the price of 1.83 euros that Revoredo offers in its takeover bid, which represents a premium of 27.4% over the price at which the company’s shares closed yesterday. security (1.43 euros).

The takeover bid is implemented through Gubela company controlled by Revoredo, and its maximum amount reaches 149.6 million of euros.

The businesswoman, through Gubel and its wholly-owned subsidiary Prorevosa, is the direct and indirect owner of 59.899% of Prosegur’s share capital and 61.445% of its voting rights, excluding treasury shares, thus, if successful The takeover bid would reach 75% of the security company’s capital.

The takeover bid is aimed at all holders of Prosegur shares and extends to the acquisition of a maximum of 81,754,030 shares at a price of 1.83 euros per share in cash, which represents a premium of 27.4% over the price at which Prosegur shares closed yesterday (1.43 euros) and 28.55% over the weighted average price of 1.424 euros per share for the last month, according to Europa Press.

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