Hélène Darroze has lots of plans for her retirement

At 56, chef Hélène Darroze has a CV that is enough to make many people green! Named “best female chef in the world” in 2015, she is also three-Michelin stars in England with The Connaught et two stars in France with the Marchan. At the same time, she is also the chef of three other restaurants. One could have imagined, like many great chefs, that she never stops cooking and yet she confides to Stéphane Rotenberg that she has other desires.

Her decision is final, at 65, Hélène Darroze will take her retirement : “In my head, I don’t keep restaurants. My dream would be for my guys to take over from me and for us to find a compromise,” she explains. “I don’t want to have 36 restaurants, that’s for sure not. I don’t want to be a Alain Ducasse or one Pierre Gagnaire“, she adds.

At the microphone of Stéphane RotenbergHélène Darroze evokes his other hobbies that she would like to develop further once retired: “I have a small notebook and I mark the trips I would like to make. I would like to learn to to dance. I started learning to play piano. I love to write, I wrote all my books and I am constantly asked to make new books. They tell me ‘don’t worry, we’ll write them for you’, but I’m not interested. I would like to continue to be in the humanitarian and make sport too,” she says.

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As for the ideal place for her retirement, she confesses to wanting to return to her native region, the Basque country : “I have a connection to the Basque Country, that’s for sure, there will be something.” I‘Italy is also a popular destination for the starred chef: “When I’m going to stop, I’d like to spend the first six months in Italy, in Rome for example, right after stopping and fixing everything,” she concludes.

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