“Hello, pizzeria at Ponte di Corsico? We are the Rolling Stones, will you bring us dinner when we play at San Siro?”

“Hello, pizzeria at Ponte di Corsico? We’re the Rolling Stones, can you bring us dinner for the concert?” The request was very simple, even if very un-Italian: Shepherd’s pie.

“Hello, pizzeria at Ponte di Corsico? We’re the Rolling Stones, can you bring us dinner for the concert?”

CORSICO – I imagine the faces of Guido, Lorenzobut also of Lella and Gianniwhen this request came from none other than the mythicals Rolling Stones, in concert at San Siro last June 21st.

The Shepherd’s piea typical British dish, is not really something that belongs to our Mediterranean tradition, nor is it usually present on the menu of Pizzeria restaurant at Ponte di Corsico. But the chefs didn’t care. They found the best recipe, made several tests in the days before the event (and I am a witness, having tasted it too during a lunch break with them. Nb. Excellent!) And when the day arrived, they punctually made the delivery to a rather unique home: the San Siro stadium. Here is the video that tells “the company”.

Satisfied with the success, the owners of the club also received compliments from the members of the band: “Outside England, we had never eaten such a good one!”

What is Shepherd’s pie

Shepherd’s pie, literally “shepherd’s pie”, is a tasty Anglo-Saxon main course: a pie of lamb and vegetables covered with tufts of soft mashed potatoes. The name appears as early as 1870, and is used to distinguish this preparation from the Cottage Pie, which is instead prepared using beef. It is a recipe of humble origins that today is present in various countries of the world in different versions: hachis parmantier in France, pastel de papa in South America, etc.

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If you want to try your hand … you can try it at home (maybe not in these hot days) and who knows that one day a call will come to you too … or take a trip to the bridge!

Andrea Demarchi

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