Helsinki lives happily in Barcelona

The Helsinki character from ‘La casa de papel’, or rather Darko Peric, is a Serbian actor from Guinardó who is in love with Barcelona

Josep Ametller is at the bottom of the barrel in his food chain, because he is the same with a manager as with a client or supplier

I imagine that no one can think of finding Juan Roig, the owner of Mercadona, supervising some of the supermarkets it has in Barcelona. Nor is it imaginable to think that Marta Alvarez, the current president of El Corte Inglés, may be observing if everything is in perfect magazine condition on any of the floors in the center of Plaza de Catalunya or Diagonal. However, an unusual event occurs with the owners of the Casa Ametller stores. They told me Nandu Jubany Y Carles Gaig who collaborate with this distribution group. “You go to the store on the street in Berlin first thing on Monday and you will surely meet Josep Ametller in person.” So it was. I stopped by this Wednesday, which was like a Monday, on the way to the presentation of a Barça candidate who will deliver pizzas at their headquarters very close to the Berlin store and, yes, there it was Josep. First talking with the one who seemed to be the manager and then with a client or supplier. Well that, being at the foot of the canyon, must be the key to this Catalan company that already bill 200 million long and employs more than 2,000 people. Anyway, what Josep And his brother George do not stop. One controlling the stores and the other the product. So much so that his friends say that between work and austerity they are driving a car from 20 years ago. And they worried …

On Tuesday, the Liceu had to celebrate a special night. One, who already had the suit ready, expected to meet with the representatives of The Cashier, the Santander, the Sabadell, Torelló, Uriach, Puig, or those of Dust. That is, to the main patrons of the theater who are so necessary in these times and who cares so much Salvador Alemany. It could not be. The Procicat did not accept that the Liceu opened with a capacity of 50% and thus it is unfeasible from the economic point of view. Luckily they have reconsidered because at this rate we were going to carry everything. And if not, that the ‘councilor’ for Culture stops repeating that culture is safe….

The good of the bad

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Whoever is lucky enough to work a lot and does not have a no for anyone is Helsinki. Well, he works in Madrid that this coronavirus seems to affect differently there … You will know, those who are from the group of normal people who have seen the series ‘La casa de papel’, which is about one of its protagonists. My daughter says that Helsinki He is the good of the bad and the truth is that he seems a sensational guy. He was introduced to me by another of the most supportive characters I know. I mean the one who was a deputy for CiU, Josep Maldonado, and that now presides over the ESI Foundation, which is devoted to help children and young people who are in vulnerable situations. Well, they both met in Madrid and since then they have become inseparable. Helsinki, or rather Darko Peric, He is a Serb who is in love with Barcelona and who for years has lived happily in the neighborhood of Guinardó with his daughter and his wife who is also an actress. A fan and good connoisseur of the world of basketball, he will never thank you enough Maldonado to introduce him to George Villacampa already Audie Norris. Anyway, what Darko participated this week in a report that my colleague Carme Barceló is preparing for the newspaper ‘Sport’.

That was in the port of Barcelona. On leaving I went to Vila Viniteca on Agullers street where he was waiting for me Quim Vila, one of the people who understands the most about wines in the world. These are not good times for distributors and less so with the closure that all bars and restaurants in Catalonia have suffered. Lucky that Quim He is an enthusiastic guy and thinks that when all this is over there will be many days of celebrations. Meanwhile, he says that he will act as the Chinese do … “I can open one day, well I open two, well I open two and I don’t think about the afterlife” … A crack who prefers not to hear about everything they owe him …


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