Hemp nursery found during company inspections in Beemste…

One of the companies turned out to be used as a cannabis farm.© Photo Municipality of Beemster

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During company checks on part of the Zuiderweg in Westbeemster and Zuidoostbeemster, a cannabis nursery was found, among other things. The nursery has been evacuated and a car and a watch were seized because they may have been paid for with the sale of the drugs.

The cannabis nursery was discovered during an integral security check in the municipality of Beemster. More than 300 hemp plants were found in various rooms at one of the addresses. When customs deployed a drug dog after the discovery, another six kilograms of dried hemp buds were found in a hidden room.

The nurseries were dismantled by a specialized company. In addition to the drugs and equipment, the police have also seized a car and a watch because it is suspected that they have received illegally obtained advantage. The police investigation is continuing and the municipality of Beemster is investigating what administrative measures are being taken

At a few other addresses, items were also found that were unacceptable. One of the addresses is believed to be illegally resident, and another company may not comply with environmental and labor regulations. A number of minor environmental violations were also identified and action is being taken.

During the inspections, the municipalities of Pumerend and Beemster, the police, customs, energy network manager Liander, the Zaanstreek-Waterland Safety Region and the IJmond Environment Agency worked together.


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