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Seriously pushed by Brazil, the French team managed to escape the trap Auriverde after extra time thanks to captain Amandine Henry (2-1). Between VARs and lost changes, this round of 16 will have been very eventful.


France 2-1 Brazil

Objectives: Gauvin (52is), Henry (107)is) for the Blue // Thaisa (64is) for Canarinhas

France-Brazil. It's not football, it's more than that. In any case, it is much more than a simple eighth World Cup final, contrary to what Corinne Deacon could declare in recent days. This Sunday evening, the Ocean Stadium went through all the excitement. Between strangulation of insult to an unbearable VAR and tears of joy in front of Amandine Henry's left foot who, after a weak game, sends France in the quarterfinals. In pain, again. But we should almost get used to it.

A-VAR of feelings

Despite the changes made on the sheet of Gaëtane Thiney and putting it on the bench, the change in the field is not really evident. The French are fearful and do not adapt to any of their first three blows against Nigeria. However, there is a blue spark ignited by Diani who deposits Tamires before centering the right side on Gauvin's head. That violently collides with Barbara (23is). The ball flies into the net, but Mmyself Beaudoin finds with the help of the VAR that Montpellier has committed an excess of commitment on the Brazilian door and triggers a whistle concert among the 23 965 spectators of the Océane stadium.
Oppressive, the Canarinhas Moreover they are unable to blow on the Bouhaddi block, much more urged than in the group phase. The Lyonnaise also pays a little fear by shooting right at a Brazilian (34is), but resumes well swallowing a cross of Cristiane (38)is) before leaving a fast center of the attacker from São Paulo (44is). Not to mention a touch on the bar, in the second half (55is).

Let's take the same and start again

On his bench, Corinne Deacon nervously spins the clock during the six long minutes of recovery when Majri vintage has an opportunity ready (45is3). Perhaps in the end, this match is little more than a simple eighth World Cup final. However, the reaction is not long: the return of the locker room, Diani reproduces exactly the same fatal overflow. And this time, Gauvin takes up his foot by throwing himself in first place (52).is).

Except that the joy is short-lived, since Mmyself Beaudoin returns to consult the VAR after the equalization of Thaisa (64is) on a heavy cross cross, and did not find offside at the start of Debinha completely abandoned by Torrent. Brazil is returning to the score so, unfortunately, it deserved.

Amandine laughs, also in France

Tonight, the French defense is much more friable than the reinforced concrete that made the reputation of the architecture of Le Havre. Only Gauvin and Diani, supported by the inevitable Henry of Amandine, manage to provoke a little animation. But the rare offensive solutions prove insufficient to make a difference. So, Deacon makes his place in Thiney for the last quarter of an hour. Troyenne does not have the time to enjoy the honor of becoming the co-director (with Eugénie Le Sommer) of the number of Cup games played by a Frenchwoman: Tamires believes she is giving her advantage, a new blow crossed ( 86is). This time, the VAR does not need to control the offside. France is blowing, France is suffering, France will go to overtime. Thirty minutes of happiness and more? Not exactly …
Despite the audacious transition in 3-4-3 as in the last victory of the Blue against Brazil last November in Nice (3-1), the Torrent and Diani crops are so many after the other (96is97is) and the tricolor seem exhausted. This passivity is reflected in a voluminous sprint of Debinha, which covers the entire defense of Blue, before seeing his shot saved on the line by an Mbock hero (105).is1). Heroic, even Amandine Henry. Like its namesake Thierry in 2006, Lyonnaise is finally paying Brazil's scalp to itself by taking the tip of its foot with a Majri free kick (107).is). A nice reward that will allow France to live its final before now, next Friday: a quarter, most likely against the United States. It will therefore be necessary for all the heroines to be out, to hope to continue writing the story.

France (4-4-2): Bouhaddi – Torrent (Perisset, 109is), Mbock, Renard, Majri (Karchaoui, 118)is) – Henry Diani, Bussaglia, Asseyi (Thiney, 81)is) – The Sommer, Gauvin (Cascarino, 90is). Culler: Corinne Deacon.

Brazil (4-3-3): Barbara – Tamires, Monica, Kathellen, Santos (Poliana, 89 years oldis) – Marta, Thaisa, Formiga (Andressinha, 75)is) – Debinha, Cristiane (Geyse, 96)is), Ludmila (Beatriz, 71)is). coach: Vadão.

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    By Julien Duez, at the Océane stadium

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