Her heart stopped for 22 minutes, then returned.. Details of what an Egyptian swimmer experienced

No one was convinced that her heart stopped for 22 minutes, then she came back to life again, so her story became more famous than the fire of knowledge in Egypt.

It has rooted Jumana Yasserthe Egyptian champion in triathlon, who suffered a health crisis last September, when her heart stopped, that this happened while she was performing swimming exercises.

She added that she suddenly lost consciousness, and did not feel anything except while she was in the hospital.

“I was having a bad day”

As she explained in a televised intervention, she never remembers what she was exposed to that night, and all that comes to her mind is that she lost consciousness and then returned to him on the hospital bed.

For his part, Yasser Abdel Latif, Jumana’s father, revealed that he was indescribably shocked after knowing what happened to his daughter, and confirmed that the most difficult thing he was subjected to in his life.

Then he added, in the Egyptian dialect: “I was in the middle of the day,” stressing that Jumana was completely unconscious during the first 7 days of her admission to the hospital.

Jumana Yasser

22 minutes without a pulse

As for the doctor, Muhammad Afifi, the intensive care consultant in the hospital, who accompanied her case, he explained that the resuscitation of Jumana’s heart lasted 22 minutes, during which she returned to life and her condition stabilized until she was transferred to intensive care.

He pointed out that doctors were able to preserve brain cells through artificial respiration after stabilizing pressure through medications that support blood circulation, as well as reducing body temperature and controlling brain electricity.

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He also explained that the staff used unconventional treatments with Jumana during her stay in intensive care, such as ozone, to improve the restoration of brain function without ICSI.

The pulse returned to the heart

As for Mohamed El Gohary, Joumana’s coach, he revealed that the girl was exercising on the day of the accident, and suddenly she had a convulsion and began to lower her head into the water.

He continued that he took her out quickly and conducted a quick examination until she swallowed her tongue, so they transferred her to the hospital in the presence of her mother.

He also mentioned that Jumana remained for 22 minutes without a pulse or breathing, and her heart stopped working, while there were 9 doctors and 7 nurses who intervened to save the player, through electrical resuscitation and injecting the heart with adrenaline, explaining that the doctors’ attempts to revive her continued until the heartbeat returned.

It is noteworthy that the player had suddenly fallen during the exercise last September, and entered into a state of convulsion and loss of consciousness, which led to the stopping of her heart muscle.

Her story occupied the Egyptian circles and social media after she came back to life again.

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