Herber earnings decline: weak sales should burden Daimler balance sheet


The continued slump in sales should continue to tarnish the carmaker Daimler. Today, the company presents the figures for the past quarter – for the last time in the era Dieter Zetsche, who hands over the post of CEO in May to his successor Ola Källenius.

In daily business, the Swede has a lot of work to do, as can probably be read off the numbers. Mainly due to various model changes, the core brand Mercedes is currently struggling with a decline in sales figures. In the first quarter, the premium manufacturer sold 5.6 percent fewer Mercedes cars worldwide.

In view of the difficulties in the industry and the sharp decline in profits in 2018, Zetsche has also announced an austerity program, which, however, Kaltenius is likely to embellish. At the Annual General Meeting in May, the new corporate structure will also be approved by the shareholders – and this project will also cost a lot of money.


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