Here are 15 minutes of God of War 4K on PC

God of War or Lord of War is finally coming to PC next Friday, but the reviews are starting now, and in case you have any doubts about the strength and quality of the game, it is very good, and is the best version of it, and this is proof that the PC is The best unified place for video games, and it’s a great reminder of how an amazing PC renders and handles games. In short, if you haven’t played God of War because you don’t have a PlayStation and want to, this is the version to play.

If you’re still not convinced, maybe a 15-minute video of Warlord on PC, delivered in brilliant 4K at 60 frames per second. The game isn’t new, as God of War was originally released on PS4 in 2018, but the game on PC looks really good, everything from the armor and texture of weapons to Kratos’ unkempt beard is extremely sharp and incredibly detailed, and everything flows like water. .

God of War system requirements

Of course, you’ll need some powerful hardware in your PC to achieve similar quality, and the recommended system requirements for 4K gaming at 60fps include a GTX 3080 10GB, or a 16GB RX 6800XT. CPU or Intel Core i9 9900K octa-core 3.6 GHz, or AMD Ryzen 9 3950X with 16 cores, 3.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM. If you can put all this together, you will have a very beautiful gaming experience in your hands.

God of War will debut on PC on January 14th. It can be pre-downloaded now on Steam. It is also available on Epic, but without the option to preload.

It will open at 6 pm Saudi Arabia time. The price of the game will be $49.99.

And now, here’s the video of Kratos and his son, warriors of the fiercest and fiercest enemies, in the highest quality possible.

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