Here are all the terrible things that Jaime Lannister could answer


The past few weeks game of Thrones the first one ended with Jaime Lannister who arrived in Winterfell for the first time since he tried to kill Bran Stark. The episode ended just when the two characters first saw each other, and fans are eager to see how their meeting will take place. If this week's episode trailer is indicative, Jaime is about to be put on trial for all his misdeeds, and he has a lot to answer.

While many of us are convinced apologists for Jaime (raise your hand if the bathroom scene in "Kissed By Fire" has made you an instant fan), there is a good chance that the people you have hurt over the years they won't be so quick to forgive. He will have to face all the Starks as well as Daenerys Targaryen, and the only thing that could save him is Tyrion (and perhaps Brienne) who comes to his defense or the fact that Jon Snow desperately wants to have more men to fight the King of the Night ( although, let's face it, Wow of the Widow could be of better use with a two-handed swordsman).

Because the public mostly forgave Jaimie for her crimes, here's a reminder of all the terrible things she did, which could come in the new episode …

Slide 1 of 9Kill the Mad King
Mad King
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Jaime was pardoned by Robert Baratheon for killing Daenerys's father, Aerys Targaryen, but that doesn't mean Dany will. He knows his father was an "evil man", but everyone in Westeros loves to remind Jaime that he is the Kingslayer and a "man without honor". While we know that there's more in the story, we already know from the trailer that Dany will bring up.

Slide 2 of 9Bran Stark murder attempt
Jaime: bran
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The moment that fueled the entire series will surely play an important role in the next episode. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau recently talked about the meeting, and how Jaime is likely "in deep sh **" now that he came face to face with his victim. Hopefully, Bran's Three-Raved part has seen all the good Jaime, but he will still be tense.

Slide 3 of 9Kill Jory Cassel
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The death of Jory Cassel was the first of the series to be really pungent. He was the Captain of the Guards for House Stark and the confidant of Ned Stark, and Jaime brutally stabbed him through the eyes. Although it probably won't come out in the new episode, it's unlikely that any of the Starks have forgotten.

Slide 4 of 9Sleep with Cersei
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If Dany and Jon are trying Jaime, they don't exactly have the right judge's incest, but the lie that Cersei's sons belonged to Robert Baratheon is what made Ned Stark beheaded. The incest scandal feels like a small potato compared to everything else, but it was the catalyst for the War of the Five Kings.

Slide 5 of 9Kill of Torrhen Karstark and Alton Lannister
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While trying to escape the Starks in the second season, Jaime killed Torrhen Karstark, which eventually led to the fall between the two northern houses. Jon Snow has forgiven the Karstarks (and the Umber) for siding with the Boltons during the Battle of the Bastards, so it is possible that this murder could be mentioned. Jaime also killed his cousin, Alton Lannister, to lure Torrhen into his cell, but it is unlikely that anyone in Winterfell cares (sorry, Alton).

Slide 6 of 9"The Lannisters send their regards"
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While the Freys and the Boltons are the real perpetrators of the red wedding, they still murdered Robb and Catelyn Stark on behalf of the Lannisters. Jaime told Roose Bolton to send his regards to Robb, and that's exactly what Roose did before stabbing him in the heart. There is no concrete evidence that Jaime knew that the red wedding would take place, but the North remembers.

Slide 7 of 9Menacing family of Edmure Tully
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This is unlikely to happen since Edmure Tully is currently MIA. For the last time we saw Catelyn's brother in the sixth season as a Freys prisoner, but we have not heard anything about him since Arya wiped out Frey's entire house. Since Edmure is not around and none of the Starks know that this interaction has taken place, it probably will not be relevant. However, threatening to catapult Edmure's son onto the walls of Riverrun is one of the last really cruel things we've seen Jaime do, so it's worth mentioning.

Slide 8 of 9Murder of Olenna Tyrell
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During the assault against Highgarden, Jaime killed Olenna Tyrell with poison. Despite being one of the best deaths in the entire series, it's still likely that Daenerys didn't forgive him for killing one of his greatest allies.

Slide 9 of 9Attempt to kill Daenerys
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Last season, Jaime immediately accused Daenerys of a spear in "Spoils of War" in an attempt to kill her. Sure, it was in the middle of a pretty intense battle, so it's technically a fair game, but Daenerys is probably still happy about it.


Despite this long list of Jaime's bad deeds, don't forget that he also saved Brienne of Tarth several times, rescued Tyrion from execution, abandoned Cersei to fight against the army of the dead and much more. We still cheer for you, Jaime!

Do you think Jaime Lannister should be forgiven for his crimes? Tell us in the comments or tweet your thoughts @JamieCinematics.

game of Thrones airs Sunday night on HBO at 21:00 EST.


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