A wave of criticism received this Friday the well-known radio host Pablo Aguilera after that during a broadcast on Radio Pudahuel he joked that in Puente Alto “there are pure flaites.”

It was during a morning program that Aguilera, in the context of the sighting of a cougar in the aforementioned commune, joked that the animal would not stay in said sector due to crime and disorder.

Specifically, the announcer began by recounting the sighting of the cougar:

“Puma was spotted walking through the streets of a condominium in Puente Alto (…) In view of the fact, an operation was carried out in the sector. Carabineros reported that the animal had already returned to its natural habitat. He was never seen again ”, began his story.

However, it was what he said afterwards that caused harsh criticism in networks.

“(The puma said) ‘no, here there are pure flaites, they are stealing, they are making disorders and infecting people. I’d better go to my hill, ‘”he added jokingly.

In this regard, the mayor of Puente Alto, Germán Codina, rejected Aguilera’s sayings through a statement posted on networks.

“With deep sadness we have received the names of the communicator Pablo Aguilera on Radio Pudahuel, in relation to the residents of Puente Alto. Along with waiting for the corresponding public apologies, I call on each of the Chilean men and women to carry out a process of self-criticism ”, wrote the community leader.

“Permanently in many of the actions that we undertake every day there is an underlying classist look, the same one that so starkly and painfully we hear in the words of Pablo Aguilera,” he added.

“We are outraged by his statements and I hope that it will also help those who make decisions in our country, and also citizens, reflect on their daily actions, identify classist or discriminatory biases and be able to correct them. Nobody is infallible. Recognizing mistakes makes us great and it is important to modify behaviors like this, which only damage the dignity of the people with whom we should build a healthy coexistence, who understand and respect our differences without belittling others for thinking or acting differently, for having other

Meanwhile, so far the announcer has not referred to the controversy.


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