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Some of the main novelties are that the application will enable the dark mode and will modify the images.

The new update of Whatsapp It will bring many new things this September. The changes in this new version will meet the demands of fans of this most used messaging app in the world.

This version will include weight news, some available only for iOS 13 phones, others generally adaptable to any mobile device. What are these changes? Here we present them.

Dark mode

This change is one of the most requested and expected by users. Many social networks like Twitter have incorporated this display mode into their platforms. Now WhatsApp joins this mode.

L & # 39; app It will reduce the brightness of the screen which helps to rest the eyes when watching the phone and also to save the battery. The screen will become dark and the letters will appear blank.

Photo editing

If you are one of those who receive many photos and then like to change them, this new modification will enchant you. The new version will allow you to change the image or highlight a part of it.

This tool will allow photo editing without the need to do it with another application on the phone.

New sticker collection

Another novelty awaited for this month is the new collection of stickers. The app is expected to have around 59 new stickers that could be animated and with different themes.

Multi-platform mode

The new version of Whatsapp will help users who have multiple phones mobile or other devices. The app will have an option to be able to use the same WhatsApp user on multiple devices simultaneously, thus avoiding the Web version of WhatsApp that requires having a mobile phone and a computer nearby.

Other improvements included in the version of the app are the sharing of contacts via QR codes, the sharing of "States" on Facebook and the addition of the boomerang feature, so popular on Instagram.



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